Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Drag the play bar if it buffers.
Paradise – Coldplay Song Lyrics


At the beginning, I used to be sceptical about others' drive of passion over that art called Photography, I used to tease these wannabes scornfully in times they risk their poise even their lives  in dangerous and awkward situatons in public just to get snapshots they thought  are good capture or shall I say "one Kodak moment." And then for what? keep these bulk of  amateur pictures to flood on Facebook and the likes? I find them before unconvincing with their love to photography because I assumed some just acquire cameras to brag they could afford to buy one and inclined themselves to a circle of people who's "IN" the status of tech-trendy nowadays. Until one day I find it hard to believe that I pretty much like to be one of them and that I was shamefully wrong. I realized during the times when I get to soak in places during occassional travels when you are going to miss that moments the sun setting behind huge mountains, a visible shooting star that fades longer in seconds, and historical events you want to document to make your stories in the future with your children be based on solid and artful facts. The hell with me back then and to all the haters-You never know what you're missing!


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