Sunday, January 6, 2013


Little did I know, that the video we want to come out as a tutorial but actually made for the brag of having the newborn iPhone5 in its premiere release couple of months ago (September 2012) has caught someone's attention in Youtube. The real agenda we really want to imply with that video is just to encourage our friends on the other sides of the planet to switch their smartphone loyalty to the iPhone realm and not really about the tutorial. Just not to sound significantly commanding, we send our message in an implicit way because I would like to think what's better way to relate with your fellows is to have a common ground. And that is as much as possible acquiring the same gadget and same choice of apps to better enjoy the interaction like FaceTime for example albeit there are Skype, Viber and WeChat; FT is way smoother in terms of buffers. (my opinion!)

Anyway, what's done is done. So, I decided to make an elaborate blog about pairing due to the meanest reason shown below that compels me to do so. And since we single-handedly manipulated the pairing of the iPhone to Smart TV in a quick fashionable manner, we would like to think we are steps ahead from the least geekies. (what a claim!) Well, I want to begin loving harsh critics from this day on because it shuts down your ego (if and only if the critics' point has a point itself), secondly, for the very essentials that it improves you and lastly, it fares you near the ranks of celebrities who earn fans and haters that even taking a bath multiple times could not break even. lol.

Been prompted with an email notification of a comment  from my youtube post and got a disappointed viewer who expressed his/her disgust on the 'tutorial'. Apologies from me to you...Yes, I feel you. I, myself could attest the feeling of loathe to videos I searched so hard, spent time and end-up with a senseless content which did not deliver any help at all. So, makin' up to you, I'll make ample efforts this time.


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