Thursday, December 20, 2012


Year end falls, I'm coming home mainly for a friend's big day - Shaun's wedding. Finally! After agonizing his fair shares of failed relationships for years, God at last spared him with his diamond. Life is sweetest they say in its perfect time! I saw the highs heard the lows and known told stories about the matters of his heart. Bitter and Sweet, Hopeless and Romantic. That's the glory of love, you'll never get tired loving anew. You could be surprise how these two people bounded by distance has decided tying the knot in agreeably short period of time since their acquaintance and first meeting in person. May 2012, Facebook, Proposal and Consent to parents are via phone call all summed up to have come into a conclusion last Dec. 8! Doubts and second thoughts surely exist among others but me seeing them personally? I submit to believe with my whole gut-feel that theirs is genuine, sometimes falling in love would've earned through your journey in time with that person (this is for the attention, kindness and personality you get and liked in the person with the appearance department being set aside) but oftenly it doesn't take much time to fall in love because for me it's an instant feeling and when makin' it sure whether it's lust or love? won't even take you years either to draw the fine line. You could just felt it and the urgency follows. Nowadays falling in love can be least perfect because what is perfect (for me) is finding someone who would keep you falling even after you've fallen. I rest this case to all the lovers who continually work on their way to longevity in their  relationship. God bless your union!

On the other side of the story, Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) hit monstrously Mindanao leaving thousand deaths in Compostela Valley and vast properties are seriously devastated 3 days ago from my arrival in the country. There's a lot of heartfelt stories that are hard to contain since some known fellows were from the affected areas and staying away from the news is the only way I think of as a good remedy. Usually, if I had travels to places, a day or two is long enough to post pictures in facebook but this time I find it insensitive if I care less to share the good fun times I had in the road while most of the social sites especially in facebook are running campaigns to help the victims so badly. So, I did make a pass this time for the situation to calm down as a sign of my intangible sympathy. Most of the schools and provinces in Region XI cancelled their Christmas parties and annual bonuses to province's employees are cut for as much as 50% from last year. Sad but humanitarian.

 Anyhow, here's where I spend the rest of my vacation days (9 days) this year end.

Shaun + Renerose . San Fernando, Bulacan.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The last stop to my 6-day trip on the road for the year end---the cold and breezy Dahilayan Adventure Park. Situated in Bukidnon is a hour drive away from Cagayan de Oro City. We arrived at the place pretty late of a night and the chilling temperature is almost unbearable (shivering!), instead of putting our jackets on we warmed ourselves with shots of tequila from one glass to another till we drop and yes, we surely did. Since we already did the 1.3km zip line ride and horseback riding in Dakak the past days what's left in our to-do list for that night after is the White Water Rafting.

First day in the morning, we immediately booked slots for an 11am schedule in the Information Office but unfortunately we are required to complete a number of 6 people to launch a single raft but we're just 4 heads in count looking for another two. So, it turns out we saved our last for this unpleasant flaw to our almost perfect as-we-planned-itinerary. But at least, that's nothing much of a problem compared to the children in famine around the world! (see the connection?! haha)

Visit Dahilayan Adventure Park Site.

Forest Park.


Dakak Park and Beach Resort located at Barangay Taguilon is Dapitan's pride when speaking of fine beaches in the Southern part of Mindanao even in terms of Nation's finest. Jampacked with tour and adventure packages from recreational  activities up to the extremes rolled all in one location. It has been said that the place is an ideal destination for all visitors because it evades the typhoon belt making it as an all-season venue for a vacation. See dakak resort.

Morning scene at the beach.


The city is oftenly stereotyped as the exile of Jose Rizal (Philippine National Hero) from the Spanish invaders and the historical events that are found in the pages of Sibika at Kultura books. Unfortunately, I was not a bookworm of history in my intermediate years so when I visited the place it was like a first-hand inputs of all the written and carved historical infos in stones, metals and hardwoods. One thing I was amazed of with this visit is that they manage to display all the roster of Jose Rizal's girlfriends including the legit wife in the person of Josephine Bracken. What a chick magnet!

Dapitan City Hall. 


Okay, our geography lesson for today is about Camiguin. hehe. Camiguin is an island province of Northern Mindanao of the Philippines dipping along the waters of Bohol Sea. (Want to know more?) It is composed of 5 Barangays namely Mambajao, Catarman, Sagay, Mahinog and Guinsilban which serves as a nest to 7 volcanoes including the famous and active volcano-Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Camiguin I would say is a vacation treat to all the visitors as it has the attractions of nature, waters, history and culture. A very good reason to make a road trip very worthwhile and relaxing since tourist spots are short trips away from each other.

Mt. Hibok-hibok at the background as seen from White Island Sand Park. I'm quite disappointed my abs didn't make it for this trip. lol.


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