Thursday, November 24, 2011


Superbass (Nicki Minaj) by Jake Coco

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Singapore have been occuring as the stopover capital of Southeast Asia especially when you are a native of Philippines. It's also one of the most achievable venues for an immediate vacation if you are in Asia. It will only take you a 3-hour flight from the Philippines and relatively it has cheaper fare for an overseas trip on a regular rate basis. So, you don't actually have to break a bank to experience Singapore.

For almost 2 years here, I have had hosted a number of ex-colleagues, classmates, relatives, lover and friends to places that were defined as Singapore's hotspots. When I have one, I usually have one perfect place in mind- Sentosa! It's because, here, it's like your favorite mall that offer One-Stop Shop features for most of the things you need. Variation of scenery is the key element of the venue. It has 4 stations (Sentosa, Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach) to run your whole day. See website for complete details.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Invented by Michael Pritchard, it is designed to purify liquids from all sources of water even the filthiest ones. Way too good to secure during survival periods where potable water is not fairly available for everyone. Seeing the left and right pictures of calamities' devastations around the globe and the near coming of the most not wanted anticipation of End of the World in 2012. I think I want to buy one. lol. See website for more details.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


When choosing friends among the strangest crowds, I fondly like to be in a faction of crazy people who were huge advocates of laughter and fun but modesty should not be set aside. Those, who can still crack jokes in the midst of extreme situational crisis but still with firm modesty. Who doesn't want fun? Of course, there is I mean there are, but me, I want a daily full dose of it. Fortunately, I kept some videos of me with friends who were ecstatic at life and has long time issues with boredom. Ang boredom hindi binebaby, pinapatay! We love making scenes for documentary purposes for us to look back at these at times we are in the fast forward. This is exactly what I'm doing now and I don't feel awkward about it and all (trying to make a defensive point!). Mutant and Proud.

One Drop Challenge. Almost 5 years ago when I made this video. I had a new phone, I woke very early on a day-off and has nothing to do but just stare at the "lizardous" ceiling. So, I picked up my phone and made my very first video in it. So, this was the turn of events.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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videokeman mp3
Science and Faith – The Script Song Lyrics

After skipping a month from blogging due to lack of appetite posting anything, I urged myself to make a comeback on sharing personal simple little journeys that could help people hitting their search engines in Google finding about information to places. It's good to think you have contributions to the world in any of your ways that makes you feel you are part of this era. Sometimes your lack of interest to the usual things you do comes from the insecurities you felt to a number of people within your league who've gone beyond their usual especially when they are materializing several of your dreams and you couldn't have done it for the moment. It's quite negative but it's my honest feeling. That is why, they say the mind is designed on top of the heart to have the total command for every right decisions, thus, my mind reinstated the positivity in me that "time is not running out" and prioritize one goal at a time to make the latter in solid picture IN TIME. Goodluck!

Anyway, yesterday was a holiday unselfishly shared to us by our dear Muslim brothers- the Hari Raya Raji. Thank you bros and sis! We'll catch up to you on that this Christmas. hehe. With great holiday comes one great opportunity to enjoy our work-free time to any beautiful places. So, getting up from our cobwebs, we decided to go to an Eden called--Singapore Botanic Gardens or some others called Botanical Gardens.


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