Sunday, May 26, 2013


The all-time great American rock band is back again on the scene of hard rockin' storming countries by its Global Warming World Tour that just started late of May last year. The band was said to complete the total sets of 67 concert performances. Now on its 3rd leg, Aerosmith will be and has been performing to New Zealand and the Philippines for the first time.

This week was Singapore's turn to host "The Bad Boys from Boston" highlighting a 2-night performance of Singapore Social 2013. I really don't have plans in watching the show for I swear to the fireworks of New Year's Eve that I will religiously cut expenditures from gadgets, concerts, movies and travels even having a girlfriend (the most expensive) this year in exchange for a material dream due to be real on the year-end.

The tight goal I set to myself has been squandered the time a remark from my housemate is so irresistible to consider. She said, "we should not let this opportunity come to pass because they were already old and may not be able to see them electrify the way they were in their prime and to date that they're still capable in the years to come." What can I say? This one's definitely an exemption. You can find money anytime but not in the case of indulging an experience made for the right time.

Somehow, I felt good about it more than worry for we get to pay the regular S$180 general admission for only S$151 because we completed 4 heads to avail the promo. I got served!

Aerosmith's Vocalist Steven Tyler (65yr-old) and Guitarist Joe Perry (62yr-old).


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