Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Aware of the possible progression of low air pressure days before the weekend affair, the family insisted to go in good faith that everything will fall in our favor. Through the years, the insistence is always based on our traditional and superficial ways of asking signs to our Lord Almighty. Given that I have made this blog, God is and always reasonable to his answers. As an overseas worker in Singapore where annual vacation is limited to a maximum of 14 days ONLY, it is imperative sometimes to push the planned pleasure trip against all odds to satisfy your soul. (soul gyud?) But yes, it is for me.  

The whole duration of travel to Mati City was raining with varying rainfall intensity municipality after municipality but it never reached the downpour to heavy. The whole night is no different but the rain took a break around 8pm for an hour and then the raining continues.

I think January is a surfing season in most parts of Mindanao just like Siargao. They say the 
best waves are during the months of December to February- they say.

took the shot during the only rain break that night.

another favor, thank you Lord for the sunshine!

shoreline view in the morning.

gateway to the resort's cottages.

cottages. rental fee of Php1500 per 6 persons maximum. excess heads will be charge of
Php150. (as of this writing)

Receiving Area/Store

view inside receiving area/store

grilling station

toilet and bath

the cottages we rented with our own tent to serve the excess persons to the 6 pax limited.

lazy morning after the lengthy rain till dawn

incomplete family pic by the shore...
1. lie on your chest, heads up and paddle with both arms. 2. position your most convenient foot to be in the tail part and prepare to push your chest up. 3. chest up away from board, put the other foot forward. 4. stand on the surf board and balance with your hands.

no right stuffs? no excuses..

with the surfing instructor. hourly rate for surfing is Php300. (as of this writing)

surfing: checked! a bit unsatisfied by these mementos because the brother taking the shots only considered the first 10 minutes of the whole 1 hour beginner's surfing duration. he could've took the last 10 minutes where I am expected to manage the standing way more better than this! next time!

local skimboarder (bulilit division)

local skimboarder (dalaga division)

the rest of the gang...

Mati City, Davao Oriental
on your way to Mati City, you will be treated by the fabled Sleeping Dinosaur view

the mandatory pose for every first time and new places I've been. 

for more info, visit their website:

How to get there:

From Davao Airport, there are two options :

(OPTION 1) you can ride a bus just outside the airport that is routing for Tagum City (Fare is around Php120). then from tagum terminal you transfer to the bus that is going to Mati City (Fare is around Php150). then in Mati City you can opt to hire a habal2 ride, multi cab or jeepney if you're with company.

(OPTION 2) Go to Ecoland terminal in Davao City Proper and take the Mati bus (Fare is around Php250). I guess Victoria Plaza and G-Mall had vans going to Tagum and Mati also.


  1. Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience. Would you know the contact number of the resort?

    1. sorry to tell but i only have their email... it is shown on the last picture.



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