Sunday, June 5, 2016


It's every mother's, wife's and food lover's sanctuary- the kitchen! I browse around Pinterest and I took a lot of favorites for an inspiration. I always envision kitchen since a kid as a breakfast haven, it always associate the thought of waking up in the morning and seeing your mom preparing food while you are waiting to be fed on the sides. Having a countertop adjacent to a counter table is the best way to represent these thoughts. Check below if you agree with me. See also Bathroom Inspirations.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016


In connection to my living room concept post, I gathered all the design ideas that I wanted from Pinterest and will create a hybrid of a concept from these inspirations. My kind of bathroom is something that is modern, minimalist and sleek that brings a relaxing or therapeutic vibe when you engage yourself in. I really don't accommodate the thought of rustic as a theme because it reminds me of the algae and bacteria infestations in the corners. Checking at the area I allotted to the bathrooms in my house plan, it definitely is considered a small bathroom. Thus, I am very keen in studying the orientation of the toilet bowl, shower, lavatory and storages in harmony with the open space feel. The below pictures are my insights when speaking of tile choices, paint color and the accents in between.

Item 1

Sunday, May 29, 2016


To begin with, Scandinavian is the term used to associate people and historical attributes of the mainlands consisting parts of Northern Europe which are Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Sometimes Danish Faroe Islands, Finland and Iceland are included because they got huge influence from Scandinavian culture. Not that I know about this, this post just pressed me to get to know the term more clearer by research!

Moreover, this is the time of my life when I can say I got to have build my own house sooner not later before my family becomes bigger. I'm referring to my new immediate family now - me, my wife and son Caleb. They say prioritizing a house over business endeavor is not a good move because it's a dead investment. True to most people but not for me because it's my motivation pill to keep me intact from holding on to my day job. That's how I keep my sanity from wanting so badly to quit an employed life, something concrete that could justify my hardwork. It could be my stimulation too to strive hard in getting my way to the business platform to sustain the luxuries we want in the house. I mean if you don't have a confident choice for a business idea for the time being then just don't give it a go, be diligent and save yourself from the risk of losing funds by using it to a more tangible gain or property. Then, work on it later. 

Moving on, I have started looking for design concepts and I have stumbled upon some good designs. (Photos courtesy of Renopedia)

Item 1

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Few weeks away to my big day and I am trying different and wrong ways to eliminate my bulging stomach. I stumbled upon a post from a friend in facebook and I believe this is a blog worthy information to fill in my health category compilation. I know it may be too late for me to yield some results from the approaching wedding but being healthy is not only best when there are special occasions; it should happen everyday. Here are some useful tips on how to be wise on the food we eat: 

*Excerpts courtesy of Happy & Healthy


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