Monday, September 10, 2012


It was kind of a special day for all Christians who acknowledge the Birth and Feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary- the 8th of September. A lot of places in the Philippines patronising Mother Mary as their  Patron Saint celebrate the feast from its respected GKK's (small unit of diocese) by now. So, in a foreign soil where we're at, it was a very good reason to gather some good old friends and colleagues way back in years at a place to be to commemorate it in any way. And it has something to do with the foods and the eating. 

East Coast is an enormous place to conquer recreationally, with its 185 hectares land coverage and a 15km stretch of Coastline you definitely would have enough area to splurge your fascination to fitness (brisk walking, jogging, running, roller skating, skateboarding, dog walking and the likes). Much more to that, it offers an oodle of sporting and family activities like BBQ Sessions, Camping, Beach Volleyball, Biking, and my favorite to try--- Wakeboarding. Food centers are all over the place even the intimate spots for dating and lingering (another favorite!)... chills... love is in the air. haha... and I manage to take some pictures of lovers on the loose. See below. 

One of the Entrance to Park Areas. The Park consist of 8 Areas named from Park Area A to H. If you and your friends had gone separate ways in meeting at one assembly point here, you should've agreed to meet at a bold landmark to see them easily. In our case it was a mess, good thing there are bicycles for rent to catch up with the wrong turns. I suggest the number designated in sea walls would be of an efficient mark to trace the location of your friends.


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