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It's my second time around here and I know very well what to expect. I don't have the blog yet when I first set foot on this mountain resort with my high school classmates but I have my poor photos bunked together in facebook. All but some fun-filled memories. We have tried all what we wanted to exhaust from this elevated plain from cable lift to zip line to horseback riding the horses with no names. We did all those without a sweat because Camp Sabros just like Eden Nature's Park in Davao City has a relatively cold weather all through out the day. This time, the intention of revisit is to shoot our prenup. During the negotiation stage, we suggested to our chartered photographer to have that vibe of nestling in a tree shrubs; be in a place that is unwinding, easy-going and breezy which led him to plug this place to seal the deal.

Camp Sabros boasts its zip line facilities with the highest elevation in the region and the perfect spot to view the country's highest peak - Mt. Apo. It is about 2 hours away from Davao City. It is best to arrive at the Camp as early as 8:00 in the morning to enjoy the captivating view of Mt. Apo and the more chilling weather. It is open daily even during holidays and the cottage standard check-in is 1:00 pm and 11:00 am check-out.

CAMP SABROS MOUNTAIN RESORT. Location: Sitio Barras, Barangay Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur. Distance from Davao City is approximately 75Km (will take 2 hours of travel, depending on traffic)



1. Go to Ecoland Terminal in Davao City and take the Digos Bus route to bring you to Digos City Bus Terminal.
2. From Digos City Bus Terminal take a tricycle ride to the Old Digos Terminal.
3. Take the van to Camp Sabros from the Old Digos Terminal.

BY PRIVATE VEHICLE: [check out the direction map below]

From Davao City, as soon as you reach the "Welcome to the Lion City of Digos" sign (with the statue of lion), the road will split into two. Follow the main highway (the road on the right will lead you to Bansalan and Kidapawan) and watch out for the first road that turns right (Sitio Cogon). You won't miss it as there is a sign that says - This way to Kapatagan. And there is also a sign that says - This way to Camp Sabros (25km).

Take that road (Cogon) and go on for 25km until you reach Sitio Barras where there is a sign that says - This way to Camp Sabros (700m). Upon reaching the camp parking area, you have 3 options to go to the camp proper:

1. By hiking, it will take you around 15-20 minutes of hiking upwards. Anyway, the place is cold and you can hardly sweat with the weather condition.
2. By chartering available habal-habal (motorcycles). If you are lacking the sense of balance try to avoid this option. 
3. By chartering available horses. If you weigh 75kg above, please spare the horses some mercy they are the petite kind of breed.

NOTE: Please park your vehicles at the camp's parking area and do not attempt to drive your way on top of the highlands because the ground is not paved and distinctively uneven not possible for 4-wheels to pass.

For day tour guests they charge Php25 (Adult) and Php10 (Child). That's not even 1 USD! not just that, entrance fees are consumable with the ride packages. (yun lang! parang walang nabawas sa ride rates...hehe)

The A-House. You know why it's A-House, no clues needed. This can accommodate 5-8 guests comfortably and can still fit 10 people but only allow a maximum of 8. A-House is the cottage with the most number of persons allowed second to it is the Lower Level Glass House which can accommodate a maximum of 7 persons.

Cooking is not allowed inside the cottages but you can bring your own food without corkages. The downside is, if you have like a buffet packed foods it will require you to take a lot of energy to bring it uphill. Water from cottage faucets are not potable. Make sure you bring your own refreshments or you can just buy from their canteen. Only A-House and Lower level glass house does not have breakfast inclusions. You can order breakfast for only Php120.

Other services includes dining area at the main hall and they can serve meals and short orders, convenience store, souvenir shop, pool table, coin-operated karaoke, view deck and picnic tables for rent and they allow bonfire at night when the weather permits.

Inside the A-House.

Cable Lift

Zip Line Starting Point

The Marvelous Mt. Apo

The Governor Suite. It comes with a Bath-tub, Cable TV with queen bed and a pull-out queen bed. It can accommodate up to 4 persons. Perfect for a family of four.

View from the view deck

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Main Hall (Photo by Rated Love Photography)

View deck (Photo by Rated Love Photography)

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

Photo by Rated Love Photography

First Visit with the High School Classmates '99 (2009). Marked our 10 years after intermediate school and there are only good-looking 9 of us out of 48? commemorated it. The missing one in the picture has 'his' reasons not to be in the picture. 

*All rates as of this writing. (excerpts from Camp Sabros website)

Visit Camp Sabros Website.

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