Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've been to numbers of parks here in Singapore and have laid eyes on the distinctive landscapes comprising several amenities with fascination. Most of the parks here usually serve 3 essential purposes that goes with the fitness, scenery and recreation. I wish my hometown (Tagum City) could develop such man-mades for the  elders to enjoy every morning. That's even possible! Remember  a local TV ad saying --- Together we can do more? That will be of great motivation. Anyway, what's nature got to offer this time is  the tranquil wildlife quarry lake shedding from the long-abandoned granite core situated at the heart of the nature park. Picturesque! This place deserves a spot in my blog!

I did not intentionally go here to sweat which is the usual norm of people in the location but instead quenched myself the laid back atmosphere that a nature could offer in a fresh sun-kissed morning.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Unraveling really? for only about days? I gotta be kidding. Well, I got this sort of feeling where satisfaction disagrees with the amount of accomplishments you've done. This trip almost had me blown right after a company had herself refrained from coming at the last minute due to work-related matters that deprived her from going. Actually, the on-the-spot-getting-permission cause the problem. Is this something rigged? Seriously? Is this really happening to me? My temperature's rising. Yes, I'm disappointed but not much of an angry. I would like to think I come into being of mastering the acceptance of frustrating predicaments and get over it. The world never stops, let's keep going. This caught me off-guard this time. I was not even having a familiarity of a single peripheral of the city to begin with plus I have to fly solo. Where's the fun now?

It was her being the walking navigator as what had we plan as she was been there a couple of times before. That's why I didn't bother digging in research for the routes of spots in my roster which I certainly couldn't miss doing (as if I travel a lot). After all, I cannot blame this much to her, it was an upset for her too and that rolling tears on her cheeks won't lie. Hope it was more of her missing me than missing the flight. lol.

Work is work. It is our bread and butter, this thought resonates in my mind fading my temper to a gaseous state. Without the monetary benefits from our work, we surely cannot travel the world. In my case, travel Asia. lol. Dreaming never stops, we'll never know how this madness, I mean, passion will take us. As long as you have the heart of a traveler (still awkward to say), you will seize every opportunity and go intentionally to places to explore. I wish I was Hayden (not the scandal superstar of the Phils.) but from the movie - Jumper, anywhere is possible just skip the Samuel-Jackson-hunting part. Imagine how much money you can save from visas and fares? and the bank vaults you can sneak in when you get bored? D'you feel me?

through the years, I hold on to the knowledge that Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of Vietnam. I was wrong, it was just Vietnam's largest city and instead it was Hanoi. Most locals especially the senior citizens still call the city by it's former name - Saigon.


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