Thursday, December 20, 2012


Year end falls, I'm coming home mainly for a friend's big day - Shaun's wedding. Finally! After agonizing his fair shares of failed relationships for years, God at last spared him with his diamond. Life is sweetest they say in its perfect time! I saw the highs heard the lows and known told stories about the matters of his heart. Bitter and Sweet, Hopeless and Romantic. That's the glory of love, you'll never get tired loving anew. You could be surprise how these two people bounded by distance has decided tying the knot in agreeably short period of time since their acquaintance and first meeting in person. May 2012, Facebook, Proposal and Consent to parents are via phone call all summed up to have come into a conclusion last Dec. 8! Doubts and second thoughts surely exist among others but me seeing them personally? I submit to believe with my whole gut-feel that theirs is genuine, sometimes falling in love would've earned through your journey in time with that person (this is for the attention, kindness and personality you get and liked in the person with the appearance department being set aside) but oftenly it doesn't take much time to fall in love because for me it's an instant feeling and when makin' it sure whether it's lust or love? won't even take you years either to draw the fine line. You could just felt it and the urgency follows. Nowadays falling in love can be least perfect because what is perfect (for me) is finding someone who would keep you falling even after you've fallen. I rest this case to all the lovers who continually work on their way to longevity in their  relationship. God bless your union!

On the other side of the story, Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) hit monstrously Mindanao leaving thousand deaths in Compostela Valley and vast properties are seriously devastated 3 days ago from my arrival in the country. There's a lot of heartfelt stories that are hard to contain since some known fellows were from the affected areas and staying away from the news is the only way I think of as a good remedy. Usually, if I had travels to places, a day or two is long enough to post pictures in facebook but this time I find it insensitive if I care less to share the good fun times I had in the road while most of the social sites especially in facebook are running campaigns to help the victims so badly. So, I did make a pass this time for the situation to calm down as a sign of my intangible sympathy. Most of the schools and provinces in Region XI cancelled their Christmas parties and annual bonuses to province's employees are cut for as much as 50% from last year. Sad but humanitarian.

 Anyhow, here's where I spend the rest of my vacation days (9 days) this year end.

Shaun + Renerose . San Fernando, Bulacan.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The last stop to my 6-day trip on the road for the year end---the cold and breezy Dahilayan Adventure Park. Situated in Bukidnon is a hour drive away from Cagayan de Oro City. We arrived at the place pretty late of a night and the chilling temperature is almost unbearable (shivering!), instead of putting our jackets on we warmed ourselves with shots of tequila from one glass to another till we drop and yes, we surely did. Since we already did the 1.3km zip line ride and horseback riding in Dakak the past days what's left in our to-do list for that night after is the White Water Rafting.

First day in the morning, we immediately booked slots for an 11am schedule in the Information Office but unfortunately we are required to complete a number of 6 people to launch a single raft but we're just 4 heads in count looking for another two. So, it turns out we saved our last for this unpleasant flaw to our almost perfect as-we-planned-itinerary. But at least, that's nothing much of a problem compared to the children in famine around the world! (see the connection?! haha)

Visit Dahilayan Adventure Park Site.

Forest Park.


Dakak Park and Beach Resort located at Barangay Taguilon is Dapitan's pride when speaking of fine beaches in the Southern part of Mindanao even in terms of Nation's finest. Jampacked with tour and adventure packages from recreational  activities up to the extremes rolled all in one location. It has been said that the place is an ideal destination for all visitors because it evades the typhoon belt making it as an all-season venue for a vacation. See dakak resort.

Morning scene at the beach.


The city is oftenly stereotyped as the exile of Jose Rizal (Philippine National Hero) from the Spanish invaders and the historical events that are found in the pages of Sibika at Kultura books. Unfortunately, I was not a bookworm of history in my intermediate years so when I visited the place it was like a first-hand inputs of all the written and carved historical infos in stones, metals and hardwoods. One thing I was amazed of with this visit is that they manage to display all the roster of Jose Rizal's girlfriends including the legit wife in the person of Josephine Bracken. What a chick magnet!

Dapitan City Hall. 


Okay, our geography lesson for today is about Camiguin. hehe. Camiguin is an island province of Northern Mindanao of the Philippines dipping along the waters of Bohol Sea. (Want to know more?) It is composed of 5 Barangays namely Mambajao, Catarman, Sagay, Mahinog and Guinsilban which serves as a nest to 7 volcanoes including the famous and active volcano-Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Camiguin I would say is a vacation treat to all the visitors as it has the attractions of nature, waters, history and culture. A very good reason to make a road trip very worthwhile and relaxing since tourist spots are short trips away from each other.

Mt. Hibok-hibok at the background as seen from White Island Sand Park. I'm quite disappointed my abs didn't make it for this trip. lol.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey y'all wazzup?! Holidays are coming and random get-togethers will be sprouting anywhere and everywhere. Music is probably the life of every party, so I personally compiled my own favorite club songs for the year to cater the hype to a crowd using the selected youtube remixes which are usually not availabe in most of the downloading sites... so, run the buffers, hit the pause buttons for the queuing songs and let's party! See also Blog Jocking 2011.

Set it Off...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This was last year's promotional ad for Mc Connell Dowell's MRT Station and Tunnels project in Bukit Timah, Singapore where I took several seconds to It felt like seeing a relative or a close acquaintance appearing on TV. 'Starshock' is the best word to describe it. I'm happy I'm part of this, it's been almost 3 years!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


While most of the tourists took delight on marveling the clues behind the construction ways of the mega-structures (like Ian the housemate) and others on freezing the time for freshly crisp man-made wonders into their cameras, I certainly dread the times I will exhaust from those than touring as a word literally. That, I mean about plunging your bare eyes into the myriads of scenery might as well of knowing the first-hand history right from its front door than worry with the documentations at all. Human nature as it is, most if not all can't live without keepsakes and I for one is no denial to that. 

Angkor Wat - The largest temple and is a living heritage of the Cambodians better known as Khmer people located in the central part of Siem Reap. Built by King Suryavayarman II in the early 11th century and completed towards the 12th. Originally had 12 towers but in years and years of war, only 5 towers left to date for the world to see.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A 3-day combination of spectacular events up from the extreme Formula One Race to Cultural Shows   to the most coveted concerts of the acclaimed Music Superstars of today and the former held last September 21-23 at Marina Bay Street Circuit. To name a few stars, there goes Asia's reigning R&B King Jay Chou, UK's chart topper and Oasis' lead vocal Noel Gallagher, UK's Guinness World Record holder as the female group with the most chart hit singles of all time- The monumental Bananarama, the four-time Grammy Award nominee Katy Perry and the American Rock/Pop band and 3-time Grammy Award winner The Maroon 5. And I am lucky enough to savor the live entertainment of the superb hits of Maroon 5 and Bananarama in a near distance- the Fan Zone!

And of course, the main reason why all this rare-in-a-year-time experience is happening is the Race of the Fastest drivers on earth. The World Championship was clutched by Red Bull's own- Sebastian Vettel. In no. 2 with Mclaren's Jenson Button, no. 3 Ferarri's Fernando Alonso and the early favorites Red Bull's Mark Webber at 11 and Maclaren's Lewis Hamilton at the last spot at 24 due to a crash mishap. 

Catch the latest updates of F1 Races anywhere in the world and at the same time book your tickets for next year schedules at

Shots from the Walkabout corner. Don't underestimate the screeching sound of the race machines, provide yourselves with earplugs. Tell you, it was excruciating to bear.

Monday, September 10, 2012


It was kind of a special day for all Christians who acknowledge the Birth and Feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary- the 8th of September. A lot of places in the Philippines patronising Mother Mary as their  Patron Saint celebrate the feast from its respected GKK's (small unit of diocese) by now. So, in a foreign soil where we're at, it was a very good reason to gather some good old friends and colleagues way back in years at a place to be to commemorate it in any way. And it has something to do with the foods and the eating. 

East Coast is an enormous place to conquer recreationally, with its 185 hectares land coverage and a 15km stretch of Coastline you definitely would have enough area to splurge your fascination to fitness (brisk walking, jogging, running, roller skating, skateboarding, dog walking and the likes). Much more to that, it offers an oodle of sporting and family activities like BBQ Sessions, Camping, Beach Volleyball, Biking, and my favorite to try--- Wakeboarding. Food centers are all over the place even the intimate spots for dating and lingering (another favorite!)... chills... love is in the air. haha... and I manage to take some pictures of lovers on the loose. See below. 

One of the Entrance to Park Areas. The Park consist of 8 Areas named from Park Area A to H. If you and your friends had gone separate ways in meeting at one assembly point here, you should've agreed to meet at a bold landmark to see them easily. In our case it was a mess, good thing there are bicycles for rent to catch up with the wrong turns. I suggest the number designated in sea walls would be of an efficient mark to trace the location of your friends.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've been to numbers of parks here in Singapore and have laid eyes on the distinctive landscapes comprising several amenities with fascination. Most of the parks here usually serve 3 essential purposes that goes with the fitness, scenery and recreation. I wish my hometown (Tagum City) could develop such man-mades for the  elders to enjoy every morning. That's even possible! Remember  a local TV ad saying --- Together we can do more? That will be of great motivation. Anyway, what's nature got to offer this time is  the tranquil wildlife quarry lake shedding from the long-abandoned granite core situated at the heart of the nature park. Picturesque! This place deserves a spot in my blog!

I did not intentionally go here to sweat which is the usual norm of people in the location but instead quenched myself the laid back atmosphere that a nature could offer in a fresh sun-kissed morning.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Unraveling really? for only about days? I gotta be kidding. Well, I got this sort of feeling where satisfaction disagrees with the amount of accomplishments you've done. This trip almost had me blown right after a company had herself refrained from coming at the last minute due to work-related matters that deprived her from going. Actually, the on-the-spot-getting-permission cause the problem. Is this something rigged? Seriously? Is this really happening to me? My temperature's rising. Yes, I'm disappointed but not much of an angry. I would like to think I come into being of mastering the acceptance of frustrating predicaments and get over it. The world never stops, let's keep going. This caught me off-guard this time. I was not even having a familiarity of a single peripheral of the city to begin with plus I have to fly solo. Where's the fun now?

It was her being the walking navigator as what had we plan as she was been there a couple of times before. That's why I didn't bother digging in research for the routes of spots in my roster which I certainly couldn't miss doing (as if I travel a lot). After all, I cannot blame this much to her, it was an upset for her too and that rolling tears on her cheeks won't lie. Hope it was more of her missing me than missing the flight. lol.

Work is work. It is our bread and butter, this thought resonates in my mind fading my temper to a gaseous state. Without the monetary benefits from our work, we surely cannot travel the world. In my case, travel Asia. lol. Dreaming never stops, we'll never know how this madness, I mean, passion will take us. As long as you have the heart of a traveler (still awkward to say), you will seize every opportunity and go intentionally to places to explore. I wish I was Hayden (not the scandal superstar of the Phils.) but from the movie - Jumper, anywhere is possible just skip the Samuel-Jackson-hunting part. Imagine how much money you can save from visas and fares? and the bank vaults you can sneak in when you get bored? D'you feel me?

through the years, I hold on to the knowledge that Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of Vietnam. I was wrong, it was just Vietnam's largest city and instead it was Hanoi. Most locals especially the senior citizens still call the city by it's former name - Saigon.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Clark Quay, the famous hangout and night-life capital of locals and tourists here in Singapore opened recently a US classic aviation themed bar named - Wings Bar! The latter offers its famous buffalo wings, beers and cocktails along with the uniquely lit runway and piled sandbags. On its 6th day from its opening, I was lucky to be invited by the prime Chef of Wings Bar that happens to be the husband of my dear friend Janice. Together with my colleagues, Chef Kameron Kurtz indulge us to a food tasting experience and we definitely enjoyed the specialties. Since cooking is not my thing, it is very awkward to give feedback plate after plate and after plates of serving..hehe...but in all honesty we provide our sincere tasting evaluation as a usual customer. The lowly or shall I say the least part of our tasting experience is when we engage consuming the double and triple kicks of spicy hot flavoured wings that challenged our taste buds not to burn which is by the way a matter of individual preference of tolerance and it's for you to find out. Flavors are all over your mouth! The whole activity was divine, I think we would love to go back in a weekend's time.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


My short solo visit to KL (Kuala Lumpur) was just fine. It was not even a day trip as I only had 18 total hours of duration to be exact. Googling for days paid me off in mobilizing the place. KL Sentral route transits could be tough for the first-timers, so one must be diligent in knowing their itinerary very well to save time from taking wrong route mishaps. Though, I did not arrived meeting personally all the attractions but nevertheless did I miss to see the major spots that I wanted except for Batu Caves. Batu Caves is very impossible to achieve in this brief excursion of mine since its 15km away from the city proper.

Salak Tinggi Station. First station from LCCT airport for transfers going to KL Sentral.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


This weekend I'm flying solo, so I tried packing my things this early to make the things-to-worry stuffs lessen the things-to-do matters.These are the elements for me that will bring out the best in my trips as I'm TRYING filling the counts to my race of 1000 places to see before I die. Also, this time, I'm applying more gimmicks to my incoming journeys just in the likes of striking a signature pose at the renowned landmarks and collecting an item each countries has a version of. And I'm still thinking about it.

backpacking items

How about that for a signature pose?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Thursday, May 31, 2012


Having regrets on possessing high-definition movies or videos in general but cannot play in your normal players? Worry no more because there's a simple way to break that out in your computers. By default, most HD videos hide its extensions or in other words the file format like .mkv (usual file format for HD videos) in your file folders. Common attempts lead you to the initiative of renaming directly the file by adding .avi at the end of the filename and that's totally hopeless! It will only appear .avi.mkv in actual appearance if the extensions are shown. So here's the quick steps you might need to know.

Go to Control Panel>Folder Options>View then uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

Monday, May 21, 2012


videokeman mp3
International Love Feat Chris Brown – Pitbull Song Lyrics

securing a photo before going to the venue.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hi guys! Just want to share a brand new issue of the first ever AvX Comic Marvel Series I purchased online. Enjoy! Sorry for the blurry texts...

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Christ Church
The once elusive backpacking trip to Malacca (Melaka) finally came to life. It took us almost a year to make up our minds not because it's hard to reach in there but merely it's the other way around. Blame it on the maƱana habit. Out of the 7 housemates, 3 of us pushed through the plan to make use of the Vesak holiday. Vesak Day is a holy day observed traditionally by the Buddhists. The goal? No holiday must gone to waste. Thanks to the technology nowadays, it help us become more spontaneous from deciding. It was the afternoon before the day of travel when we started mobile mingling or shall I say conferencing at the world famous instant messaging called Whatsapp messenger.
Rickshaw on flowers
It usually begins with a key topic progressing in a non-sense bashing, trash-talking and humor and sometimes only sometimes end up with an ounce of sense. That's where the Malacca excursion kicks off. Immediately we agreed, hit the booking online and research the prominent attractions for our itinerary. The only thing that worries me is that, I will surely miss the Cotto-Mayweather fight on Sunday. I rarely pray for the cause of the athletes but only for this that I wanted to put end on Mayweather's madness. D'you feel me? Mayweather should fall on Cotto's hands for I doubt there could be Mayweather-Pacquaio fight even in the farthest future.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Treat yourselves with your one and only loved halal middle-eastern cafe and restaurant opens at:

Experience Zabadani at its peak at The Peak!


Self-proclaimed as a beach bummer, I had decided to suggest another beach venue for this summer break to my girlfriend (as of this writing). lol. And that is the world known cliche for a tourist stunner when it comes to beach and the night lives, none other than, Phuket, Thailand.

 Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island Beach Point View

Monday, April 23, 2012


videokeman mp3
Ngayo’y Naririto – Jay R Song Lyrics

The song! Exact love story. 

A Jerum and Preslyn Holy Union
at Eden Nature's Park, Toril, Davao City
21 April 2012 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


For reference sake, I resolute to post this itinerary in my blog to get with an urgent response to people asking like "What are the good places to visit in Singapore?" I really had a lot in mind, but for the priority of convenience and clean fun, I come up with these beautiful places that were worth ones feet walking. 

Hit CTRL and Mouse SCROLL or Double Click Image.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The iconic existence of signature brands doesn't mean it champions the eye of the consumers to how their logos look good and looks like. It is the quality, deep history, good start and austere roots that gave rise to many famous institutions that produces the distinct brands. 

Weeks ago, I was asked by my college dear friends to come up with a business logo for their firm which they already applied for the permits in DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and is already approved for operations. When I was in the process of digesting ideas I was in the mall heading my way home and then I tried bothering taking my time sneaking over the gadgets department for some design inspiration. And then I noticed the same denominators-simple, direct and no too much details.  So, I made it a try.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Find out how mainland Singapore looks like at 57 storeys above the ground, try to check as to how I see it. To get here in the observation deck you will get to pay the 20 SGD admission fee. (as of this writing)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Getting There: Exit A (Pagoda Street) of North-East MRT line's Chinatown station will deposit you right in the heart of the action. Outram Park, Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place are also all within walking distance, as is Clarke Quay and the Singapore River to the north. 


Fort Canning Park expands an overall area of 18 hectares bounded by Hill Street, Canning Rise, Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road. Visitors can reach the place through stopping by Dhoby Ghaut MRT or Clark Quay Central and from these points the park is just a walking distance. Perfect for nature trippings and indoor events, Fort Canning offers receptions ranging from elegant and cozy indoor rooms to private bungalows and lawns all with views of the city skyline. Past events at the Fort include concerts, weddings and even full-scale theatrical performances.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012



Saturday, January 7, 2012


It was not a very good timing when we visited the place. The falls welcomes us with a bad mood waters where you can see the earth colors all over the place. It is because December is a rainy season and in the event of long rains the downpour of waters from the highlands accumulate in the rivers.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Proud to say this recreational haven is one promising paradise of my very own hometown-Tagum City.  It has beach obviously, pool, inland resort, fish ponds (catch-eat-pay), restaurant, botanical/vegetable garden, treetop walk, nature trails and a lot more in progress. Formerly, the majority of the area covers the banana plantation but due to the high salinity content of the soil, the bearing fruits are beyond poor to that of the export qualities of banana in the country. Thus, the owner decided to replace the bananas with coconuts and it's now conspicuously booming. Moreover, the most preferable and thrift way to enjoy the venue for one whole day is to avail their Consumable Pass package. It will cost a regular rate of Php 750 but Php 500 only for residents of Davao del Norte and Comval province, of course, you must have a valid ID or document to support your residency (given rates are as of this writing). The package is consumable on food and drinks, activities, equipments and other facilities. To wrap this up, let the pictures below do the rest of the talking, I mean the writing. 

for more valid infos visit their website:


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