Saturday, September 20, 2014


This first Bali experience is the new kind of high for me. Again as usual, the trip is flawed of just one highlight's miss that I am very keen to brave on whenever I'm in the place and that is the bungy jumping. I don't know what happened there why all of the bungy hosting companies in Seminyak are all closed that they had shut down the operations. Not enough jumpers to sustain the business perhaps? If that's what it is, then Flyboarding will be in a difficult circumstance also.

Moving on, I can't let myself fret on things I have no control anymore, so, I opt to see as many attractions I can squeeze for three days (definitely, 3 days wasn't enough). The good thing is, I have to come across all of these with a special someone (heart-eyed). Light the candles please and pour the wine. So, here are the jaunts we've been to in our day tours and date nights to nonetheless the Amazing Bali!

Nusa Dua

The Bay


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