Wednesday, October 17, 2012


A 3-day combination of spectacular events up from the extreme Formula One Race to Cultural Shows   to the most coveted concerts of the acclaimed Music Superstars of today and the former held last September 21-23 at Marina Bay Street Circuit. To name a few stars, there goes Asia's reigning R&B King Jay Chou, UK's chart topper and Oasis' lead vocal Noel Gallagher, UK's Guinness World Record holder as the female group with the most chart hit singles of all time- The monumental Bananarama, the four-time Grammy Award nominee Katy Perry and the American Rock/Pop band and 3-time Grammy Award winner The Maroon 5. And I am lucky enough to savor the live entertainment of the superb hits of Maroon 5 and Bananarama in a near distance- the Fan Zone!

And of course, the main reason why all this rare-in-a-year-time experience is happening is the Race of the Fastest drivers on earth. The World Championship was clutched by Red Bull's own- Sebastian Vettel. In no. 2 with Mclaren's Jenson Button, no. 3 Ferarri's Fernando Alonso and the early favorites Red Bull's Mark Webber at 11 and Maclaren's Lewis Hamilton at the last spot at 24 due to a crash mishap. 

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Shots from the Walkabout corner. Don't underestimate the screeching sound of the race machines, provide yourselves with earplugs. Tell you, it was excruciating to bear.


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