Sunday, November 17, 2013


Year-end again! And here's to my annual routine, compiling club songs to devour in the coming series of get-togethers in this holiday season. Wouldn't it be nice to make your nights festive while preparing the foods and each abode for the special eves of Christmas and New Year? Le's Go! Speakers Up!

As it is, run the buffers of the succeeding songs to enjoy full scale uninterrupted air plays. You can do that while pausing the play buttons or if you may, visit my youtube playlist for this. Click HERE.

Friday, November 8, 2013


In so many ways, the internet revolutionized the whole norm how people live their daily lives. Things were never the same again after the 90's. To date, it works as a sanctuary for online retailers, a playground to the ones who doesn't love the outdoors, an escape for the loneliest people in the world or a perfect place to be somebody else like being digitally rich and famous lavishing their swags to impress such reputation. (so much negativity!)

But paramount to that, we cannot deny the fact that Internet is the most powerful tool these days to run the world. It makes us get entertained, be interactive, prompt, knowledgeable and even generating money from it. Except from the latter (yet), I get to experience all of those. I can name as much as a thousand adjectives relating internet to its positive effect on people. Most of my time online, I spend it watching youtube while running my TV series downloads. Sometimes, the mood is going for music indulgence when I only have the room and me playing online radios and my personal youtube playlists. And if I feel movie is the flavor at the moment, I am heading to the movie streams directly and drown. 

Thus, I have numbers of online sites I barely haven't kept on a solid note but just holding it in my head. I think it would be better if I could share these to my lurking readers (like you. lol) who were and might be clueless at all on how to spend the most of their bandwidth. There are a lot of sites sprouting now and then and I just jotted down the good ones that I've tried. Check and click the Sites below. Now and then I will update these lists for some sites got busted for copyright issues.


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