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Enchanted River is one of Surigao del Sur's windows to the world along with Tinuy-an Falls and Hinayagan Cave located at the North Municipality of Hinatuan. It ushers its visitors the crystal clear flowing waters and the refreshing ambience of its landscape. As to why it's called Enchanted? I don't know, I forgot to ask at least three residents there to see if their answers meet at same point but basing in my own observation it might be the bizarre occurence of the fishes and the non-weather abiding crystal waters. You could not see any huge size fishes anytime of the day except when the clock ticks at 4pm for their feeding even their dwellings in the waters are not visible to divers and snorkelers. And the crystal clear waters? It does not fuss even when heavy rains are pouring.

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New City Hall of Tagum
*click photos for larger scale

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Tuig 2008 kini namugna nga serye gihatud kanato sa Haringbuang Productions gikan sa mga maayong laki nga anaay yaga-yagaong imahinasyon ug maanindot nga konsepto sa pagbugal-bugal. Gikan sa mga saktong pagbungat sa mga linya nga misabay sa hustong kalihukan sa maong orihinal na talan-awon (Apocalypto) naghatud kanato ug hingpit na kahimuot ug kalipay. Ania giplastar ko kaninyo ang kumpleto nga serye na mupanas sa inyong kalaay ug kaguol. Dugay na kini pero di kasum-ulan balik-balikon. Sigurado kong di gyud kamo magmahay, sama nako kamo pud murag amaw gatingse, gapahiyum ug gapugong sa inyong gibati samtang gatrabaho sa isig ka opis sa inyong kumpanya. Apan kini tanan, pagdiskanso lamang sa dyutay na panahon para mubalik ang kalagsik sa mga buluhaton sa atong trabaho nga nagdalag hago ug katugon.

Episode 1
Ang Tribo
"Sige man kag Rugby gud"
Ikaw hinuon, nawng nimo murag bagtak sa lamok.

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Dec 15, Thursday, 8pm

25 Woodlands Avenue 1
Contact Persons: FRANCIS CEPE (94761255) / TONY ODIADA (91052930)

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Ants in my pants! My excitement is trying to get even with my curiosity about how in the Earth these two teams of superhumans fighting against each other where we know for the fact that they are famous for defending the Earth for the sake of good? Whose side turns bad? And I wonder where will Wolverine, Storm and Beast take their stand considering that they are Avenger formers who became an uncanny X-Men and lately been an Avengers again in some of the latest Marvel comic books. Plus, how will the Avengers handle the numbers of telepath powers from the X-Men. Will the science of military tactics lead the Avengers from being victorious? The writers assured the readers that unlike any other comic books there will be a winner and a sore loser this time. Twist and Turns coming this April of next year! 12 issues! One marvel event, can't afford to miss. I root for the X-men team! Where you at? Click HERE for my purchased first issue.

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Math, Science, History Unraveling the Mystery it all started with a BIG BANG! The award-winning series is airing on CBS every Thursdays at 8pm (US) with an average running time of 21 minutes each episode. Now on its 5th season, definitely, the fun never stops...

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Superbass (Nicki Minaj) by Jake Coco

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Singapore have been occuring as the stopover capital of Southeast Asia especially when you are a native of Philippines. It's also one of the most achievable venues for an immediate vacation if you are in Asia. It will only take you a 3-hour flight from the Philippines and relatively it has cheaper fare for an overseas trip on a regular rate basis. So, you don't actually have to break a bank to experience Singapore.

For almost 2 years here, I have had hosted a number of ex-colleagues, classmates, relatives, lover and friends to places that were defined as Singapore's hotspots. When I have one, I usually have one perfect place in mind- Sentosa! It's because, here, it's like your favorite mall that offer One-Stop Shop features for most of the things you need. Variation of scenery is the key element of the venue. It has 4 stations (Sentosa, Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach) to run your whole day. See website for complete details.

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Invented by Michael Pritchard, it is designed to purify liquids from all sources of water even the filthiest ones. Way too good to secure during survival periods where potable water is not fairly available for everyone. Seeing the left and right pictures of calamities' devastations around the globe and the near coming of the most not wanted anticipation of End of the World in 2012. I think I want to buy one. lol. See website for more details.

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When choosing friends among the strangest crowds, I fondly like to be in a faction of crazy people who were huge advocates of laughter and fun but modesty should not be set aside. Those, who can still crack jokes in the midst of extreme situational crisis but still with firm modesty. Who doesn't want fun? Of course, there is I mean there are, but me, I want a daily full dose of it. Fortunately, I kept some videos of me with friends who were ecstatic at life and has long time issues with boredom. Ang boredom hindi binebaby, pinapatay! We love making scenes for documentary purposes for us to look back at these at times we are in the fast forward. This is exactly what I'm doing now and I don't feel awkward about it and all (trying to make a defensive point!). Mutant and Proud.

One Drop Challenge. Almost 5 years ago when I made this video. I had a new phone, I woke very early on a day-off and has nothing to do but just stare at the "lizardous" ceiling. So, I picked up my phone and made my very first video in it. So, this was the turn of events.

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videokeman mp3
Science and Faith – The Script Song Lyrics

After skipping a month from blogging due to lack of appetite posting anything, I urged myself to make a comeback on sharing personal simple little journeys that could help people hitting their search engines in Google finding about information to places. It's good to think you have contributions to the world in any of your ways that makes you feel you are part of this era. Sometimes your lack of interest to the usual things you do comes from the insecurities you felt to a number of people within your league who've gone beyond their usual especially when they are materializing several of your dreams and you couldn't have done it for the moment. It's quite negative but it's my honest feeling. That is why, they say the mind is designed on top of the heart to have the total command for every right decisions, thus, my mind reinstated the positivity in me that "time is not running out" and prioritize one goal at a time to make the latter in solid picture IN TIME. Goodluck!

Anyway, yesterday was a holiday unselfishly shared to us by our dear Muslim brothers- the Hari Raya Raji. Thank you bros and sis! We'll catch up to you on that this Christmas. hehe. With great holiday comes one great opportunity to enjoy our work-free time to any beautiful places. So, getting up from our cobwebs, we decided to go to an Eden called--Singapore Botanic Gardens or some others called Botanical Gardens.

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Paradise – Coldplay Song Lyrics


At the beginning, I used to be sceptical about others' drive of passion over that art called Photography, I used to tease these wannabes scornfully in times they risk their poise even their lives  in dangerous and awkward situatons in public just to get snapshots they thought  are good capture or shall I say "one Kodak moment." And then for what? keep these bulk of  amateur pictures to flood on Facebook and the likes? I find them before unconvincing with their love to photography because I assumed some just acquire cameras to brag they could afford to buy one and inclined themselves to a circle of people who's "IN" the status of tech-trendy nowadays. Until one day I find it hard to believe that I pretty much like to be one of them and that I was shamefully wrong. I realized during the times when I get to soak in places during occassional travels when you are going to miss that moments the sun setting behind huge mountains, a visible shooting star that fades longer in seconds, and historical events you want to document to make your stories in the future with your children be based on solid and artful facts. The hell with me back then and to all the haters-You never know what you're missing!

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Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa Song Lyrics

Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

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Ever wondered what it is like to be able to complete your tasks in half the time? How come your peers are able to find time to play games while still completing their assignments in timely fashion? Perhaps they had some additional help you are not aware of, but have always been right in front of you.

No doubt you will have noticed the disruption and loss of time in switching your hands between the keyboard and mouse. Luckily wizards at Microsoft have been adding some little-known but time-saving keyboard shortcuts into their operating systems over the years. As a matter of fact, some really handy ones have been built right into Windows 7 and most modern web browsers. If improving your process flow is on your to-do-list, and maybe impress your bosses along the way, read on to find out more.

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Kabayan! just want to share what my High School classmate (Ryan D) shared to me on setting USB Broadband Modems to unlimited Internet Access. Here’s How:

I. Configuration. First, configure your respective dashboards…
For GLOBE users, add this Profile/Network Settings in your Dashboards:

1. Go to Tools>Options>Profile Management>Click the New Button
2. Add the following settings, leave the others to their respective default values if not indicated;
a. Profile Name: Any Name you Want
b. APN:
c. Access Number: *99***1#
d. Then Click Save then Set as Default

Now. For SMART Users, DO NOT USE YOUR EXISTING SMARTBRO SIM, USE THE SMART BUDDY SIM INSTEAD… add this Profile/Network Settings in your Dashboards:

1. Click Settings>Network Settings>Config File>Click ADD Button
2. Add the following settings, leave the others to their respective default values if not indicated;
a. Config Filename: Any Name you Want
b. Dial Number: *99#
c. APN: internet
d. Then Click OK then Set as Default

II. UltraSurf Settings. Next, Downaload UltraSurf software for windows… See the attached link or Google it…UltraSurf>>​load/
After niyo madownload, kung naka zip ito, i-unzip and you will find u1016.exe file…
Open it and click the OPTION Button>Then Proxy Settings>Manual Proxy Settings>Add the following:
a. Proxy Host:
b. Proxy Port:8080

III. Browser Settings. Open your Browser settings, Google on how to set the browsers proxy, and Set the following
a. Proxy: localhost
b. Port: 9666

After niyo matapos magconfigure sa mga settings, ready na kayo mag unlimited and free internet browsing… Just Open you USB Modem Dashboards first then click Connect then open the UltraSurf and wait till it says Successfully connected to the server!, then open your favourite browser…

Sa globe, pwede kahit piso lang, pero sa smart, you need at least 9 pesos na load… Enjoy guys while it last…hehehehe… Good luck..;)
Globe Telecom is the number one in postpaid plans and prepaid services in the Philippines! Get the best freebies and the latest mobile phones now!

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videokeman mp3
Paradise – Coldplay Song Lyrics
Atlantis has a unique aquatic theme that continues throughout its vicinity and caters the guest the glimpse of paradise.  Situated on Dubai’s famous Palm Jumeirah Island, the 5-star Atlantis offers clear views of the Persian Gulf. It provides an underwater aquarium, dolphin-swimming opportunities and an extensive water park. Atlantis The Palm Dubai includes an underwater labyrinth and the largest water park in the Middle East with near-vertical slides and torrent rivers. A comprehensive spa provides facial and body treatments and the gym provides personal fitness coaches.The Emirates Golf Club is 3 km away and The Dubai Mall is a 20-minute drive away from the Atlantis.The Atlantis Dubai hotel rooms are a unique selection of living havens with a collection of Super Suites. Click HERE for more details.


Souq Madinat is a perfect place to entice yourself with the aroma of street cafes and boutique restaurants. Visitors are greeted by a vivid combination of authentic Arabian style and richly designed landscapes. Here you can enjoy unique shopping and dining experience with 75 boutique shops, 23 waterfront cafes, bars and restaurants, open plazas and trilogy nightclub, airconditioned walkways and 442 seat Madinat theatre. Click HERE for more info.

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Dreamland Aqua Park in Umm Al-Quwain is a huge entertainment complex with over 25 attractions for children and adults making it an ideal family destination. Aquatic attractions include a lazy river, children's wading pools, blackholes, twisters, crazy rivers, kamikaze rides and a giant wave pool. Dreamland also has a multi-purpose facility that includes an ampitheater that can be used as a venue for musical concerts and other similar activities. Shaded palm gardens and a roaring volcano surrounded by replicas of wild animals add to the scenery. Overnight camping, water polo, beach volleyball and go-karts are other activities that can be enjoyed while visiting Dreamland. Click HERE for more details.


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Good Life – OneRepublic Song Lyrics
Desert Safari is known to be the most popular excursion in Dubai and all over UAE. The safari is a spectacular combination of the ancient Arabian traditions as well as modern culture and habits. You can taste authentic Arabian cuisine, view a stunning desert sunset, ride the camels, paint traditional henna designs on your hands (the ladies favourite) try a popular Arabic pass time called 'sheesa', enjoy an oriental belly dance, sit under a blanket of stars, ride the rolling sand dunes with an expert guide and experience a journey of a life time which will leave you with pleasurable memories forever. Click HERE for more details.


The TreeTop Walk (TTW) is the highlight of several long hiking routes in MacRitchie that brings you through different stages of mature secondary forest. The first of its kind in Singapore and in the region, this free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and offers a bird's eye view of the community of plants and animals that live in the forest canopy. The total length of the walkway is about 250m and its height from the forest floor varies, with the highest point at 25m. Continue reading>>>

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videokeman mp3
Orinoco Flow – Enya Song Lyrics

The 36 meter giant wave structure bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in the world and is included in this year's world's prettiest bridges on earth. The bridge offers the scenery of harbor, skyline, treetops and flower garden. See HERE for a 360-degree view.

Night view to the rear structure of the bridge

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In the mood to throw a party?! Gather your peers and all you need is your speakers, the internet, the glittering disco ball and your bunch of swag. To have a good one, you have to secure that the music is kept on the run. How to do the blog jocking? First, generate all the videos below and keep the play bars full. You can do it on a pause mode while waiting to complete. The reason why we do such is to avoid beat buffers in the middle of the dancing crowd and most importantly you are worry-free if your internet shuts down because once the bars are full you can play it anytime you want without the aid of internet connection. Second, as you hit the first song, be prepared to play your next song and make sure you have to start playing it before the end part of the first song fades. Do it on the succeeding songs on the line and I'm sure it's one hell of a party! You can even make another set of songs on another blog post to keep the party moving. One good thing of coming up to this idea is that you can access it anytime and anywhere in the world providing only that you have access to the internet. 

We Found Love

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have read a couple of articles from news sites about bloggers who end themselves in jail because of exposing negative feedbacks on a restaurant, a product, person and the likes. Looks like a native Filipino saying lives true to these scenarios- "Kung wala ka namang magandang sasabihin, huwag ka na lang magsalita" in english- "If you don't have any good things to say, better not talk". I just hope this would be an eye opener to people including myself who were making writings and public opinions on various matters to be careful with their words, practice diplomacy and think more before publishing. Today, I had read a different twist of blogger's misdemeanor towards blogging and what's her story? you can read below.

Press Release Yahoo Singapore
Chinese red-light blogger caught red-handed

By Willis Wee, Penn-Olson
Blogging is a common way to share things online. But unfortunately for him, Lin Chenglong is one blogger who shared a little too much. Instead of blogging about travel experiences, food, or technology, Lin Chenglong prefers to blog about his experience at "barber shops" — the shady ones, if you know what I mean.
In China, small-scale brothels are often disguised as barber shops. Lin started visiting these barber shops at age 17 and eventually got addicted. In March 2009, he started a personal blog to share his experiences at these barber shops. By November 2010, Lin's blog, which is filled with photos and written content about his adventures, had attracted over 60,000 monthly visits. At age 21, Lin had already visited the barber shops for over 300 times.
Ironically, his sudden burst of fame also caused his demise. Lin's content caught the attention of the authorities and he was subsequently sentenced to a year of imprisonment. As he faced his punishment, Lin explained that he wanted to combine two of his hobbies into one — blogging and prostitution. In the end, that was probably not such a good idea. He also explained that he didn't expect to attract such a huge audience and insisted that his blog is only for personal use.
Well if that is really the case, make your blog private, Mr. Lin. The Internet is filled with folks looking for sexually-explicit photos content and blogging freely about it will naturally attract more attention. According to Baidu, Lin's blog Foshan Dapao (or literally Foshan Big Cannon), was ranked first place on Baidu's popular trends search list last week.
This story is similar in some ways to one we broke last week about an official in southern China who had been using Sina Weibo microblog to flirt with his mistress. Amazingly, he had no idea that his messages were publicly viewable. Similarly, the result was also disastrous.
This story is provided courtesy of Penn-Olson.

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This special-edition laptop incorporates clean design power and entertainment-with the latest Intel® Core™ processor. The HP ENVY Beats™ Edition features a red backlit keyboard and sleek black matte finish, as well as the smart Intel Core i5 processor. To hear unparalleled music playback, check out Beats Audio™.
Starting at $1,149.99


In the midst of this heyday for internet social sites, visuals are the significant medium of interaction and information among people anywhere in the world. It's like we came across borders to borders as we view each pictures and videos showcasing ones whereabouts from the different events around the globe. Behind these visual dissemination are the technological advancement these gadgets possesses in capturing an ordinary scene to a substantial one. Nowadays, more and more people invest and use DSLR cameras for their undertakings to art, hobby and even business as it fulfill their satisfaction in documenting various kinds of moments in life. Below, are professional cameras that sets on top of the specifications among others.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

Pros: This Canon camera features an ISO range of 50 - 102400.
Cons: No red eye reduction feature is available on this device.
The Verdict: Capturing up to 10 frames per second, this device is one of the fastest DSLR cameras on the market.


Click HERE for Specifications.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Press Release

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore announced that it will be launching a passport appointment system for applicants for passport renewal, in line with its thrust to deliver efficient and effective consular services to Filipinos in Singapore.

The Embassy will start accepting requests for appointments on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 for appointment slots scheduled from Sunday, 3 July 2011 onwards. Only applicants for passport renewal may schedule appointments. Applicants with lost/damaged passports and newborn passport applicants are advised to proceed to Window 1 of the Philippine Embassy to secure a queue number for their passport applications.Starting Sunday, 3 July 2011, the Embassy will process only applicants with confirmed appointments. Walk-in applicants for passport renewal will need to schedule an appointment and return for processing on the date and time of their confirmed appointment date.

1. Download an e-passport application form from the Embassy website at, or request a form from Window 1 of the Embassy. The application form should be filled out completely. The applicant should indicate his preferred date/time for a passport renewal appointment in the space provided at the top of the form.
2. Compile the complete documentary requirements for the application. A list of requirements is available online at

3. The passport application form, together with a copy of the documentary requirements, may be sent to the Embassy via email at Applications are also accepted via fax (6733.9544), or in person at Window 9 of the Embassy. Applicants should ensure that their application is complete upon submission. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

To schedule an appointment, applicants should:

Appointments will be confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis, taking into consideration the applicant’s indicated date/time preference. Confirmed appointments are made on an individual basis and are Should an applicant be unable to make his scheduled appointment, or request for cancellation of his appointment, he will need to resubmit his application in order to schedule a new appointment.Tuesday, 28 June 2011 for appointment slots scheduled from Sunday, 3 July 2011 onwards. Only applicants for passport renewal may schedule appointments. Applicants with lost/damaged passports and newborn passport applicants are advised to proceed to Window 1 of the Philippine Embassy to secure a queue number for their passport applications. Sunday, 3 July 2011, the Embassy will process only applicants with confirmed appointments. Walk-in applicants for passport renewal will need to schedule an appointment and return for processing on the date and time of their confirmed appointment date.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Here’s to the makings of a work pass holder in Singapore. This writing is intended to answer queries from friends and fellows who envisioned themselves of working in Singapore anytime sooner.

What is an Employment or Work Pass?

Work Pass is like Working Visa in some other countries and is issued to foreign professionals, skilled and unskilled or semi-skilled foreign workers to legally allow them to work and stay in Singapore. It is by way of securing the country from unwanted aliens aside from getting taxes from workers. Work Passes are divided into different categories namely E-Pass, S-Pass, PEP and Work Permit. The E-Pass (Employment Pass) is given to professionals who will earn a fixed monthly salary of more than S$2800, and have certified qualifications and years of related experience. S-Pass is granted to mid-level skilled foreigners who will earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S$2000 and are degree or diploma holders with at least a couple years of experience. PEP (Personalised Employment Pass) is a pass for high earner professionals with a minimum last drawn salary from previous job of at least S$8000. It is issued to certain existing E-Pass holders and overseas foreign professionals with that range of salaries. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Manny Pacquiao-Sometimes When We Touch

Along with Mike Tyson, who showcased his love for music in Hangover movie sequels Manny take it more technical from singing in the Jimmy Kimmel show to singing at the recording studio. Pacquiao, the World's No. 1 Pound for Pound King, Congressman, Endorser, Actor and now adding to his title as a Singer recorded his first single-Sometimes When We Touch with the creator himself Dan Hill. Not quite bad for the first.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Adidas-AdiZero Crazy Light-Lightest ever 9.8oz

The newest Adidas Adizero Crazy Light-Lightest ever 9.8 oz released last April 2011. Available with Skyblue, Gray and Red Color at $129.99 (160.60SGD / Php5508.60). I will lead you to this link if you can’t wait for the stores near you have it available for your possession. Pre-order now.

"Make Love Not War" Riot Photo is Unscripted

“Make Love Not War” internet sensation photograph is real and not a mere set-up.  The alleged scripted photo took place last week during a riot initiated by a group of fans who were disappointed by the loss of Vancouver Canucks to Boston Bruins in an Ice Hockey Championship match in Canada. Click here for the video.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


When times like submission deadlines in work are way too far from the clock, procrastinating takes place in an instant and so here I am trying to have fun with the situation. I play then I blog. This time I’m introducing you to my old-school-is-cool prank masterpiece since I was doing this one way way back in primary school. It may be known for the ages but still and was scares my victims to the very point they’ll hit their highest note when they scream. The poor dupe's usual impression would be like that of holding a hysterical lizard going wild out of the unfold paper. Once you engage to this prank, be sure your prey is secured from breaking fragile objects most especially when they're eating and choose the ones you knew who could handle the shocks. More to that, it is necessary to play some amount of acting (which I am very used to) depending on the idea you conceived on what’s the letter has to do with them. Mine, is an invitation letter seeking their presence in the occasion. 
This is how I do it. First, you prepare the materials (1) a string of tire wire or big paper clip (2) rubber band (3) bottle corrugated caps like that of an 8oz coke or pepsi or a strip of plastic which is like that of the shampoo containers (4) paper (better with envelop for grand deceiving appeal) (5) cutter. Second, bend the tie wire or clip to a parabolic form and bend again both ends leaving a space to fit the rubber band. Third, flatten the bottle cap by a use of a hammer or simply by stone, then put two holes just like the button holes in it through knocking the sharps of the nail. Other alternative is cutting a small rectangle piece of a plastic strip. Fourth, cut the rubber band and put through the cap's or pastic's hole and join both ends by tying. Then, install it in both ends of the bent tire wire or clip. Fifth, fold the paper into 3 halves and fold again both end portions suiting the flipper to monumental stillness. Then, its showtime!
In my elementary years, I got caught with my Mathematics teacher passing around the letter prank to numbers of classmates near my perimeter. She emphatically mentioned my name in the midst of her lecture and immediately come to my desk and confiscated the latter. She kept and ignored it for the time being because the class is still running. But minutes later she cut short the lecture and gave us a seatwork exercise. In a while we hear her screaming that I was so scared to death because pretty sure she opened the letter. My knees shivered in fear that she might be calling my parents after exhausting too much on a sudden feeling of a bad surprise. Good thing I just ended up writing 1000 times in a pad of paper the phrase “I Promise I will not do it again.” In High School, it sets higher hype because I have more mischief partners spreading the freaky stuff coming out of the paper. It turns out that we find some tomboys and guys turned out screaming very gay. In College, I did not have time reviving the thoughts of it because I am busy playing noble. Thus, I cope up during the years of being a careerman. Below are videos of our victims all the way from Dubai soil. Most videos are taken during breaks at the workplace. More videos of our victims to follow soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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videokeman mp3
Angel – Sarah Mclachlan Song Lyrics
Today, I was tagged by a note in Facebook from a dear friend and classmate of mine since year one in College. Reluctantly, I anticipated that the note is just a typical read from a newspaper but bang! I was mocked by the reality it pertains and I cannot contain it in the first 10 minutes after reading. I was thoughtful of the changes it will bring to her and her family whom I've known for years and they are one big straight devotee of Catholic faith.

Who are we to say we're in the right faith of Religion? We might not have tried understanding both sides of the coin. Most of us have grown under our parents' beliefs and acquired it without even bothering digging the truth and blindly deprived ourselves from the fact that there are so much out there in the wilderness of faith to consider. Quickly, I embraced the fact that no religion can save us, its the faith and good deeds that will lead us to eternal life. This one indeed is one good example of a so-called SOUL SEARCHING. All the best Chuy!

This is the tagged FB note.

Monday, June 13, 2011


It's a weekend and we're thinking of a good place to breathe some real and fresh air. As usual, what's new? we plan things 2 to 3 hours before take-off. But actually there's something new in our weekend routine, this week we have a new element in the house - the new Canon EOS 7D. Excited what we are going to look like in this semi-professional camera, we arrived agreeing on one location through one quick talk. After going last time at Henderson Waves Bridge and HSBC Treetop Walk, this time, we are going to visit the Labrador Nature Reserve. Again, it's a nature trip!

Pictures below are raw and are products of the first dry run of the Canon EOS 7D in execution of our Gadget trender friend and the owner- Giovanni Orly Capili. Hope you would mind dropping by sharing your expertise on unleashing stunning photos.
Casts/Housemates: Edenne, Sheng, Orly, Jay. Missing in action: Mildred and Ian

Labrador Secret Tunnels

Friday, June 3, 2011


When I get to see this part of the movies, I can't help but roll back the tapes, I mean the CD, Oh well! sorry the scrolls of the media player I mean. haha..Look how far we've gone from the generations of video technology...Enjoy the clips.

NACHO LIBRE- Jack Black singing Encarnacion.

When the fantasy has ended, and all the children are gone
Something good inside me, helps me to carry on.

I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I use my hand to wipe my tears
to kiss your mouth, I break my vow, No, no, no, no, no, no way Jose!
Unless you want to, then we break our vows together!

Encarnaciyooohooooon, Encarnicihohohohoon, EncarniciyooooOOOon
durudi dururudiiii, Encarnacihohohehehown!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


1 I’m totally a believer of God, believer of His existence and never at once I questioned that He is the creator of all except evil. But do you believe that God dictates each of mankind’s demise? If so, every death is according to God’s will regardless of how man died? What about the number of women who died of rape? a man who died of Murder? Assassination? Massacre? Is it His way of putting those kinds of an end in this world?

This is not by the way questioning God but questioning our religious notion to which assumptions are made. I believe there are answers from our great great philosophers out there and even ordinary people who analyzes life and its balance. What is your stand?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DILEMMA: iPad 2 vs. Playbook

Past my dilemma over which smartphone to acquire, I have made my pick last year  to a Storm 2 9520 Blackberry phone.  After several reviews in the Internet I find it more seducing for me.  Reasons why? (1) I just love the hardware (physical), it looks very professional and corporate for me. (2) The exclusiveness it brings to myself from the people in the place I am currently living and working. (3) I’ve got all my email accounts activated at one same time. (4) Camera is good, Audio is firm, Apps jived in with my interests. (5) It can get along with various computers to share and sync in with the files. BBM is phenomenal in sharing files from different places like mp3, videos and pictures in a maximum size of 6mb.  Lastly, it can never get me wrong with its Surepress  touchscreen.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Willy's Rock

January this year me and my room buddy Orly planned a beach trip to Phuket supposedly last April but to no avail her sister who's supposed to be our host there refuse to do the hosting since she's stationed at Bangkok where it is distant to Phuket (like Davao to Cebu and Cebu to Manila) and she can't fully commit to the given date. Thus, we opt not to push through the trip without the perks of a guided trip.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


 1. Strong Currency

Hey! One good reason one is having a job out of their native border is not working in comfort but for the bulk of money one can earn and the monster it will become once converted in our monetary rate; I believe. As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), it’s one of the most important considerations in taking the country of your choice for a job. When I came here last March 27, 2010 the exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to Philippine Peso then is playing around 32 to 33 point and something. Now it continues to grow from 33 to varying decimals past the base of 34. At one time it reached 35 early this year, seems to be a good good sign of progress.

When I was working in Dubai for almost 2 years since 2008 I have noticed that if US dollars dropped, dirham will sync in. I expect it will likely to happen here but I was amazed to how it notched the ladder of exchange rates up the pedestals despite US dollar-Philippine Peso exchange downfall. Click here for money conversion.
50SGD bills are the most circulated highest bill in the public. I think it's a
strategic prevention of the government for money laundering.


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