Saturday, May 24, 2014


General Santos the former Dadiangas in the southernmost part of SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao is an elusive place of a visit for the whole existence of me since the family don't have any relatives there to our knowledge nor heard of the unraveling attractions when there's likely a number. I remember I have only been there twice but for a very brief stopover to South Cotabato. That is why, we have to do this trip nothing but now (pack up amigos!); here's to the random sights we've been. (See also Gumasa, Glan)

Rest House at Mt. Zion. I'm afraid to tell this place is not accessible to public because this is owned 
by a  private owner in the persons of Nazareth Family.

Friday, May 23, 2014


Every vacation or shall I say work leave I had spent back home (Philippines), I couldn't afford to miss trying new places and often times it happens to be that beach! I mean the BEACH! I don't know, maybe because it's always the time to eat grilled seafoods, barbecues; quench with alcohols and breathe an amount of fresh air out of the city. This time we spend it in the shores of Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province. I enjoyed this trip because were in big numbers. (See also General Santos City)

Gumasa Beach

Monday, May 19, 2014


Happy! I get to extend my HK trip a day longer because the supposed side trip to Macau will no longer eat up the much needed time I would take in conquering the spots listed in my itinerary since the urgent call for temporary duty there rise up to the occasion. (see Macau blog)

just trying to be artsy... after I took a shot of this, a number of people smiled next to me and took the same shot... I think it's the bluetooth for "nice idea, move over and let me try it."

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Ruins of St. Paul. Usual flock of tourists a.ka. your photo bombers the whole day from 8am. 
I never expected that my supposed 1-day side trip to Macau from HK would turn to be a 10-day duration. Unfortunately, t'was bittersweet for me because the main purpose of the trip is to work my ass off to catch up some commencement delays of the expansion project our company had in there. Heck, I always favoured more the circumstance to the pleasure than the job in any way possible. (See HK blog)

Thursday, May 1, 2014


When I was young... I never needed anyone... (crap! too many songs in the world, I could barely pop a tune all over me in my head) To the top!

When I was young, I used to turn off my humanity towards dogs; turned my affection for them to abomination. Remember when we’re clumsy kids and we stumble with our face first to the sturdiness of the furnitures? We cried screaming at the top of our lungs (what's going on!) veeerrry angry aiming to get back at the furniture to contain our bitter blaming…That feeling! D’you feel me?

As to why I reach the point of loathing dogs then? (let's say you care.)

First story, my father’s. It was a gloomy morning as I dip and nibble a morsel of bread brushing round my cup of coffee, a little girl with her grandma got down of the trike alongside the highway heading home with a basket full of produce bought apparently from the wet market. Just a few walks away, a very loud howling ‘askal’ (local) dog coming from like nowhere attacked the little girl directing to her face. Quick response from the grandma to her granddaughter’s defense, the basket took charge of the beating but it did not stop the pooch from snatching her wrist all for the killer bite. As the assault progresses, it caught my father’s attention; with no second thoughts, he run into the scenario empty-handed of anything for resistance. (hero be like!) Not as successful as it was hoped to be, the dauntless dog continues to be aggressive managing to crunch both my father’s arms. Patience out and adrenaline is rushing, my father muddles through by grabbing both the dog’s legs and fleetingly followed it with a hard smash to the ground in succession. The dog was weakened and partly unconscious right after that instance and wails a forbearing sound. The hapless victims quickly underwent an anti-rabies shots and it was found out that the dog was deranged for a couple of days in a cage and reached the peak of its twisted fate that fine gloomy morning.


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