Saturday, December 31, 2011


Enchanted River is one of Surigao del Sur's windows to the world along with Tinuy-an Falls and Hinayagan Cave located at the North Municipality of Hinatuan. It ushers its visitors the crystal clear flowing waters and the refreshing ambience of its landscape. As to why it's called Enchanted? I don't know, I forgot to ask at least three residents there to see if their answers meet at same point but basing in my own observation it might be the bizarre occurence of the fishes and the non-weather abiding crystal waters. You could not see any huge size fishes anytime of the day except when the clock ticks at 4pm for their feeding even their dwellings in the waters are not visible to divers and snorkelers. And the crystal clear waters? It does not fuss even when heavy rains are pouring.

Trail Description: The location is 28 kilometers away from the municipality's main road and it will take you 1.5 hours to reach the place when you get to ride a jampacked multicab or jeepney. But if you're riding a vehicle suitable for rough roads or a less loaded car you can manage to reach there at approximately 1.2 hours. The features of the road is composed of limestones and it was worn by drops of rain that it appears to be tiny rocky protruding sharp clusters. The trail have upward steep slopes (subida) and downward steep slopes (bahada) that will challenge the vehicle's brakes to work with force. 

As of this writing, jeepneys and multicabs will charge a back and forth ride ranging from Php2500 to Php 3000 and single motorcycles (habal-habal or skylab) will charge a 2-way ride for Php150-200 per head.

It's a 5 to 6-hour ride from Davao City and 3 to 4-hour ride from Butuan City. The lesser hour could be achieved if you're traveling with your personal or private vehicle.


  1. The best pictures and beautiful places to travel. Nice blog.

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  2. thanks. i have tried the desert safari too 2 yrs ago..nice experience also..

  3. Dubai Desert Safari looking very beautiful friendly gathering.but if this gathering took place in Desert. then they will enjoy a lot.



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