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The city is oftenly stereotyped as the exile of Jose Rizal (Philippine National Hero) from the Spanish invaders and the historical events that are found in the pages of Sibika at Kultura books. Unfortunately, I was not a bookworm of history in my intermediate years so when I visited the place it was like a first-hand inputs of all the written and carved historical infos in stones, metals and hardwoods. One thing I was amazed of with this visit is that they manage to display all the roster of Jose Rizal's girlfriends including the legit wife in the person of Josephine Bracken. What a chick magnet!

Dapitan City Hall. 

Rizal's Monument on his arrival for his exile at Sta. Cruz Beach, Dapitan on July 17, 1892. 

Sunset Boulevard. 4 days after Typhoon Pablo hit Mindanao. Dapitan is under Signal 1 during the disaster. 

St. James Church in it's vintage facade.

Inside St. James Church 

I see. Now I know. 

Map of Mindanao created by Jose Rizal made from a landscaped earth. 

Dapitan's version of Enchanted Kingdom-Fantasyland. 

The Exile of Dr. Jose Rizal 

The Retreat Rock. The place where Jose Rizal do a lot of the pondering. 

I did not just ponder I did pray. 

Casa Residencia. Replica of Jose Rizal's house in Talisay. 

Casa Redonda. Replica of Rizal's Octagonal Clinic. 

Casitas de Salud. Massage Parlors in other words. 

Hard Press Massage for only Php150 as of this writing. 


The Girlfriends of Jose Rizal (left and middle) and the legitimate wife Josephine Bracken (right).

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