Saturday, December 7, 2013


Located 57 storeys above the ground, the most raved pool in Singapore is accessible only to hotel guests from 6am to 11pm that leads to mean that it is not open to public who wants to compensate for the use of the pool. Before, I always get to bring tourist friends at the observation decks on the other stretch of the SkyPark and daydream in the tightest of seconds how it is like to hang out on the other side. Then suddenly, a tap from my friends' hands woke me up, back to the real dimension. And now, the reason that I get here is nothing different from getting into the observation decks, my tourist friends help me out to experience this. It was a stunning night. I felt very rich and famous.

Finally, now I can join the pseudo-elites saying "been there done that".  lol. (It's a climb!) 

Like most of the exclusive pools, here you don't have to strictly wear trunks.  But I'm not shy
 just FYI. (you really don't believe me don't you?)

How about this to prove you wrong? By the way, these are my best of buddies all over the corners of the world. We are freaks sometimes… and good-looking too!

Time Check: 10:30 pm. The pool is not heated but it's not so cold for me it's just fine.  The 
moment you take yourself out of the water is the time you felt the chilling rush of the 
winds provided that your body is wet.  Do the science.

Not so crowded during the weekdays. (here I go again, as if I'm a frequent guest)

Or maybe because it is very late in the evening that's why there is no crowd.

the tourists of 5 days.

One step closer to the edge… and I'm about to break!

Super SiReynas. witwew!

Luxury of lights in the evening.  With some silence and just staring the lit buildings from the 
edge of the pool makes your troubles away. Just incredibly stunning!

off the pool, it's 11pm… whistle blowing…

This is the actual view at the edge of the pool. There is about 2-m length before the actual edge 
of the structure. (photo grabbed from google)

Bird's eye view. (photo grabbed from google)

Ludacris has  been here. (photo grabbed from google)

Katy Perry has also been here. (Photo grabbed from google)

Liverpool FC's Jonjo Shelvey and Paul Meireles have also been here (photo grabbed from google)

Hotel features. Hotel Room Rates ranges from SGD340 to 690SGD per night. (As of this writing)

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  1. Envious. Ka chada jud sa infinity pool. Igo ra ko nagsuroy dha last time. Nice entry, J.



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