Monday, July 7, 2014


Enough of the drumroll... it's Tanjong Beach in Sentosa! Le Diner En Blanc graced the fair fine beach of Tanjong last July 5 in a traditional all white swish outdoor dining. I have heard of this event since last year and it is only during this year that I have felt and understood the desire of the many to the latter. It is definitely an eventuality of sheer elegance of sharing sumptuous food with your lover, a family member or your awesome friends boosted by the fascination of a complimentary bus ride to a secret location. 

Diner En Blanc (means "dinner in white" in French) is first celebrated 26 years ago in Paris, France by the founder-Francois Pasquier with his close friends and by doing it every year it attracts enthusiasts' attention that it reached to a whopping 15,000 people yearly. There are about 40 events scheduled this year mostly taking place in North America and Europe; and Singapore is the first asian country to host the prestigious white chic picnic party for three years in a row. (2012-Marina Bay & 2013-Marina Barrage)

Ocean of Purity! Diners are required to bring their own tables (between 28-32" L or W) and chairs together with the setting up decors all in the color of white. Participants are also given the option to bring their own 3-course meal or buy from the DEB store for S$80+++. Disposable utensils are prohibited so as the beers and alcohols if brought by your own.


Our Group leader at the same time the housemate.

fallen angel be like. hihi

chocolate chicks in white

how about a toast for a lucky win on a world cup semis bet?

chit chattings and catching ups.

sharing the night with a bottle of wine..

picture taking for a potential future throwback thursdays!

getting loose to groove the night.
music! maestro!

but first let us take a groupie!

one of the event's tradition- lighting the sparklers!

lining and lighting up sparklers in the shore line.

spot on! one kodak moment! lol

let's get it started. 

instagram moment!

coz' baby you're a firework!

how sweet it is to be in love by you... 

got some clubbing.

See you next year! P.S. to register to be a diner it would cost S$80+++ (+GST) a pair. It is not inclusive of food and tables & chairs rental. I guess we are paying for the prestige of the 
event, the mystery of location and most of all meeting new friends and enjoying the old ones.

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