Sunday, August 17, 2014


Have you been in the loop where the new trend that started in Twitter and Instagram made a sound recently? I totally assumed it reached you because it is almost everywhere in the vicinity of social sites and at some point it made you laugh... harder? Yes to me because I'm a sucker of everything that is really funny "legitimately". In fact, I had my own version and forced some friends for a challenge; and the prompt respond I got is... "Challenge Accepted". I love these guys that they enthuse life without considering what pessimist has to say... To the gloom-riddens, may the grave be upon you for your life is boring... joke! Life is a gift tho, enjoy it... well, have it your way.

Here's a compilation I get from Instagram through #hashtags - #makeuptransformation #transformationhumor and #funnytransformation

The Vilest Lord Voldemort

The Socialite Kim Kardashian

The Famous Mugshot Star Jeremy Meeks

The Crappy beaten face of Rihanna... but that's alright because I love the way it hurts...

Russell from the Up movie

you ain't have a dollar without these first... 50 Cent

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

That's how you roll - Chocolate Roll!

Sometimes Ostrich, sometimes Dinosaur that's Chris Bosh from the Miami Heat

Sportin' that arse-Nicki Minaj

Flynn Ryder from Tangled

That Nose! Owen Wilson

The History of Nelly's Band Aid

King of Pop! Aw!

Whatcha lookin' at? Ludacris

Philippine Related Icons/Celebrities

Pacmom - Aling Dionisia (Ye yohhh, yu re e ik me) as Michaelangelo.
See Youtube Video.

Asia's Nightigale - Lani Misalucha as Avatar.
See Youtube.

Ryzza Mae as Dora
See Youtube.

No need Make up just Camera 360 = Sarah Lahbati
See Wikipedia.

Famous and at the same time immune to the Charcoal-like bash - Senator Nancy Binay.
See Wikipedia.

Some turn to political issue - buwaya (crocodile) which is associated to the corrupt image.

My dear friend working in Qatar is concluding himself out of Daniel Padilla's all-out make over.
See Daniel Padilla.

Likewise to my friend working in UAE concluding himself out of Echo's DIY make over.
See Jericho Rosales.

My reverse version from the heartthrob's transformation to the ultimate me... haha...walang basagan ng trip!
See Sam Milby.

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