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This first Bali experience is the new kind of high for me. Again as usual, the trip is flawed of just one highlight's miss that I am very keen to brave on whenever I'm in the place and that is the bungy jumping. I don't know what happened there why all of the bungy hosting companies in Seminyak are all closed that they had shut down the operations. Not enough jumpers to sustain the business perhaps? If that's what it is, then Flyboarding will be in a difficult circumstance also.

Moving on, I can't let myself fret on things I have no control anymore, so, I opt to see as many attractions I can squeeze for three days (definitely, 3 days wasn't enough). The good thing is, I have to come across all of these with a special someone (heart-eyed). Light the candles please and pour the wine. So, here are the jaunts we've been to in our day tours and date nights to nonetheless the Amazing Bali!

Nusa Dua

The Bay

The Bay's beachfront

I regret I did not bring extra clothes for swimming during the time. You see, the beach is all yours!

what to do?...just have to take the cliche beach shots.

water splash. another photo opportunity we missed because we can't be wet since we 
don't have extra clothes.

here's where the water accumulates and creates collision from the rocks and waves.

the supposed outfit if we are going to conquer the water splash above.

Mengwi Royal Temple
this temple is enclosed with gate walls that visitors are not allowed to enter the vicinity.

smile! royal temple's facade

Canne Curtis with my signature fade away wall portrait shot!

been here shots!

the most common piece of art I notice everywhere. 

Padang Padang

rock formations

beach bed is quite rocky and has small rock formations under the water; if you're unlucky 
you could make cuts to your feet.

way-in and way-out to Padang-Padang beach shores.

sun bathing or sight-seeing?

connect the dots and win a brand new...... brick game!

surfer's treat

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the Indonesian island of Bali.

piece of shore line

her share of the scene

it was said that during high tide this rocks are like separate islands... 
no one walk it through but has to swim.

touristy isn't it? i commend a photo without photo bombers for this one.

ant colony-like. the people are the ants.

Ulun Danu Temple
thanks to the kind tourists who pity us for having a hard time taking a couple shot! we 
returned the favor anyway.

the other side perspective.

a breathe of fresh air.

my version of a postcard.

Built in the 11th century, it is one of nine directional temples meant to protect Bali from evil spirits. It is located in Pecatu village, Kuta South District of Badung Regency of Bali.

in awe!

one step closer to edge and i'm about to.....break!

i have to keep this alive... Johnny Bravo signature pose!

my first degree cousins. when in uluwatu, be aware that monkeys are skilled to take food, sunglasses and stuffs that are shouting independence in your body in exchange for food. We saw it in our eyes and it was a sunnies from a white guy. 


catch the sunset around 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Jimbaran offers you a wide stretch of open beach restaurants and the taste of Bali seafood varieties. 

When the sun sets, this place turns into a venue of romantic dining hub that makes you feel
like a demigod offering the moon and stars in the skies to your lovely date. (kesong-keso!)


took some video of the romantic Jimbaran beach!

Night Life and Date Nights
never underestimate skygarden's mojito it triple punches!

at skygarden

Rosemary Restaurant and Bar. Nice, cozy and chilling ambiance!

rosemary restaurant

it's late in the evening, she's wondering what clothes to wear. she puts on her make
up and brushes her long brown hair... everybody sing!

Bright lights.

last night at potato head.

Potatohead's a thumbs up... must visit place for dining and dating.

Skygarden with the overwhelming crowd.

Typical Lunch

the famous and the must try "Babi Guling"

with my no-pork-no-rice date pretending to eat our driver's lunch just for the picture.

we just have to eat something to experience the sunset at Jimbaran around 5pm. 

Sun Hotel Legian, Kuta
when I feel great with what I wear I bring out the model in me...hehe... mag-aartista 
agad tayo dyan! isang shot pa nga!

may pinagdadaanan. don't disturb.


yan na ang nakayanan ng diet at exercise prior the trip! hehe

never miss a body treat (massage and spa) in every trip, it helps you fare the survival from the effects of long walks, queues and rush.

Things You Might Need To Know:

1. Prepare Departure Fee when leaving Bali for 200,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) or ~ 17 USD.

2. There are 2 kinds of Taxi in Bali, the metered and non-metered taxi. Choose Blue bird taxis to enjoy the exact amount of your mileage. Blue bird taxis are in sky blue colors while the non-metered taxis are blue green or dark blue colors. If you had a hard time distinguishing the color, better ask if its metered before getting inside the cab.

3. Prepare 2000 or 3000 IDR coins or bills when using the toilet. They charge that amounts.

4. Consider a time offset when reaching a place or the airport because traffic is definitely an additional time like your 30min normal travel will take you an hour or more.

5. When touring a day package with the rented car and driver, tips are expected. I think 50,000 IDR is fairly enough.

6. Don't underestimate their cocktail drinks, mostly it has stronger kicks than the usual one. Moderate.

7. If you are travelling from Singapore, the money exchange rate in Lucky Plaza is higher than the airports. In my case, I tried different changers in Lucky Plaza it ranges from 9100 to 9300 IDR for 1SGD but it is a far cry compared to the airport I only got 8600 for a dollar.

8. Most clubs are closing as early as 10 pm. You should opt for bigger venues like Skygarden, Potatohead, Rockbar and Hardrock.

9. Prepare entrance fees for the temples. Some are free.

10. Bring some extra clothes if you have tours covering beaches. Promise, it is really inviting and regretful if you don't.

11. Try to research first the prices of the menus of the restaurant in their websites before going, so that by deciding, you already have acceptance of how much you are going to spend or lose. 

12. Mode of transportations in Bali are the car rental, taxi and the scooter rental. No public bus and MRT's.

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