Friday, January 23, 2015


About 3 years ago, I have already seen the features of this place from the crisp photos of some friends who posted of this in facebook. First impression? It looks like a place from a cold country where snow can fall anytime sooner but only to find out it's just sitting atop the heights of Tamayong, Calinan, Davao City. Unfortunately, I didn't get the hype to make the visiting done the soonest because of my dilly-dallying thoughts that it's just in my neighborhood where I can go anytime I want and whenever. I'm not sure if it's human nature or just the Filipino nature. heheh. However, my girlfriend made it happen by the year-end of 2014 when she suggested that I should come with them, her colleagues, to their long been planned local escape. And so I had the chance to see the Garden of Eden Restored.

Pastoral House. This Prayer Mountain also known for the name Garden of Eden Restored covers 8 hectares of land with a vast manicured landscape. Owned and resided by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy who is the founder and leader of the Philippine based Restorationist Church - The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc.

This is where Pastor Quiboloy stays time to time when he's not at Jose Maria College compound.

Pink Millennial House, one of the Guesthouses. 

Coffee Shop/Receiving Area. Before we get here, we lack a bit of research because we do not know about the booking for the day tour and the regulated set of rules. It should have been, booking your registration at Jose Maria College located just beside the Airport's vicinity to acquire the letter of recommendation for the day tour. Pay for the entrance fee of Php100 (as of this writing) and be informed of the not-to- wears and the don't's. Luckily the in-charge there is kind enough to approve our entry since it was not an easy feat to go there in terms of distance. Kaya, tuloy ang ligaya!

Yellow Millennial House

Gazebo in Paradise 


  1. What camera is allowed in the Prayer Mountain? Do they allow tripod for taking pictures? Thanks for the reply.

    1. as far as i can remember, there are no restrictions to what kind of camera you will bring even the tripods. just don't come there without booking reservation prior the visit. walk ins are not allowed.

  2. Is there any other fees? aside from the 150 entrance fee?

    1. none. it's the only fee you are going to pay the rest of the visit.



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