Sunday, January 15, 2017


Ending the year like a BUM! It was an invigorating year-end for me as I have some chain of recreation lining up till the start of 2017. Together with my pack, we started the escapes first with a staycation in SEDA Hotel Davao as an additional leisure for the holidays and more importantly to be more relaxed when traveling the next day to this resort 'coz we're from Tagum City. Bali Bali Beach resort felt like a remote place because it's not guest congested neither infested even though it's not quite far from the town proper. Maybe because it's a pre-arranged or pre-booked accommodation where walk-ins are discouraged by the resort. Despite that, it is but a perfect place to be if you're looking for tranquility. 

"Bali bali" is Pangasinense's word for beautiful, a name everybody could think of to name a stunning resort. There are 6 villas to choose from when you opt for an overnight stay. Room rates ranges from Php5000-10,000 a night for a 45sq.m - 60sq.m. room areas. All bookings are inclusive of breakfast and can be upgraded into a full day's meal which comes with a price also. See Agoda for more info.

HOW TO GET THERE: ( 1 ) via Davao-Samal barge transfers using your own vehicle (Php250 toll fee) at Sasa wharf followed by a 20-minute drive (11km past Paradise Island Resort) along Samal's coastal road to your right when going out of the docking station. ( 2 ) via boat transfers from Davao Boat Club Marina, Lanang Aplaya to this beach resort arranged by the resort (additional fees will be charged). 

*Boat Schedule Departure Time at the Davao Boat Club in Marina, Lanang Aplaya are as follows:

Morning Transfers:  from Bali Bali to Marina - 8:00 AM and Marina to Bali Bali - 8:30 AM

Afternoon Transfers:  Bali Bali to Marina - 4:00 PM and Marina to Bali Bali - 4:30 PM

I heard they cater special trips for a separate fee.

Before ending this blog I just want to share a piece of advice guys! I don't intend to hurt the business of this resort because the place and food was great and I think it is rarely an isolated case that sometimes it is beyond anybody's control. I just felt the need to share the experience and prevent the kids from acquiring "hand-foot-and-mouth disease" when traveling anywhere. It was heart-melting to see how my son suffered and endure from it for 5 days in the hospital. He already got panic-attack or shall I say trauma whenever he saw a nurse/doctor doing the rounds in our room because of the injection shots encounter during blood test, skin test and dextrose installation. My son who is 1 year old and 3 months got viral infected with the disease within 24 hours after this trip. I can only suspect where he get it from and we only have been in to 2 places and barge rides for the past 2 days. 

HF&M disease is acquired from direct contact to surfaces contaminated with feces (bodily waste, excrement). It is contagious also to people infected by it through saliva, hand and blisters contact and there is no vaccine protection for it. It is common to struck on kids 5 years old and below. So, my advice guys is to look closely to your kids whenever you visit to places. Look after your kids from swallowing pool water, touching the soil grounds and toilet areas. Be sure to wash their hands from time to time after playing. Please, please, please spare your child from the suffering. 

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