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Looking for a shop or centers to sell instantly or get support to fix something on your apple products? A.LAB  is very glad to serve your urgent concerns. A.LAB is managed by Aeon Earth and is part of a network of Apple-authorised business that provide comprehensive support and repair services for Apple products.

As of this writing, there are 2 A.LAB centers in Singapore located at Plaza Singapura (above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station) and at Changi City Point Mall (opposite Expo MRT Station). Click HERE for more info.

Operating Hours: 11AM to 7.30PM (Mon-Sat) ; 10AM to 6PM (Sun)

When you are going to sell your Apple products, you can directly walk-in to queue on the reception to get your priority number and make sure you already bring the items and its accessories with you. The evaluators usually look for the product serial numbers in the item, so if your item is off secure to provide the detail to make the transaction quick. 

The station where you can diagnose your phones or ipads by yourself.

The transaction duration are usually quick so, you might not believe that there is forever! 

Here is where they evaluate your products that you want to sell. I think the only allowed items to sell are iphones, ipads and MacBooks.

Receiving Area to wait for your turn. The priority numbers will flash on the screen and at the same time they will announce to call for your number. No excuses to miss your turn.

This is my 5 year old MacBook Air5-11" with 32GB Hard Memory. This is still fully functional and in sound condition. I wanted to sell this because of the very low memory feature since I am one of those early birds to acquire the model in its first release back in 2012 and it was released with a phone-like hard memory of 32 GB. I bought it for 1399SGD and it was evaluated for a buyback price of 120SGD,  I expected it to be somewhere around 300SGD. Then and there, I did not pursue selling it because it is not worth the bargain and it could do so much more than a phone and a kindle. So, why trade in for a very low price?

Here's another epic fail. This is my wife's MacBook Pro 2008 edition, it is priced around 2300SGD about that time. It has battery problems already where it needs life support from direct power thru cable and It has few scratches and not so responsive tracking pad but it is still working. They evaluated and priced it at a whopping value of 40SGD. Yes, ridiculous right? my iphone casing is more expensive than the amount. I was so ready to dispose it and I did. But when I came home and I told my wife, we were in a serious quarrel already. And yes, I admit I was so stupid that I have to redeem myself from guilt by taking it back again from possession. Gladly, there are no problems I encountered from retrieving it since I came back within 24 hours from selling it. 

proof of receipt to the mighty 40SGD. hehe.

Overall, it was a not so productive day for me because expectations where shattered into very tiny little pieces. It was very far from what I was expecting, I thought I already been expecting less but it was more lesser than I expect. Maybe because my stuffs are way beyond its supposed life span and waiting to be extinct. Besides these turn of events, I can still say they are providing good services to their customers most especially in the repair department. They have responsive staffs to accommodate everybody's needs.   

Conclusion? If you want some good sell price for your Apple products, try to sell it to them first for evaluation only. By then, you will know how far you can go with your pricing and sell it on online selling platforms in the likes of Carousell and ebay



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