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Willy's Rock

January this year me and my room buddy Orly planned a beach trip to Phuket supposedly last April but to no avail her sister who's supposed to be our host there refuse to do the hosting since she's stationed at Bangkok where it is distant to Phuket (like Davao to Cebu and Cebu to Manila) and she can't fully commit to the given date. Thus, we opt not to push through the trip without the perks of a guided trip.

Despite the turn down of our Phuket plan, we didn't find it hard to replace it with another option. No less than the beach capital of the Philippines - Boracay! We've never been to Boracay before and so we just let our research skills do the scouting for bookings.

Much to our anticipation that all bookings will be booked through credit card payments we were left head scratchin' because all transactions shall be negotiated through Paypal. As we go along with the registration we realized that it was not as complicated as we think and the said system was very efficient.

PAYPAL is like an universal cyber wallet where you can link your debit and credit card accounts to it. You just have to load it with a specified amount from your sponsoring cards (debit/credit) and then it's ready to use.

ON BOOKING. First, we searched on the internet some bonafide agencies to arranged us the accommodation and transfers all the way to the hotel door. After comparing their promos, we investigate the said agencies for scams and fraud we even use Youtube for concrete evidences that they really were existing. And then, that's it! Deciding time.

ON TRANSFERS. Usually if you book for hotel accommodation from an agency it's already inclusive of all the transfers from ports to land then to your hotel. In our case, we chose to take care of it all. Just a piece of advice guys, always confirm your reservations or planned whereabouts to your hotel receptionist. Some of it might not be exactly as what you assumed and in accordance to the knowledge of the service crews. Just like our transfers going back to Caticlan Airport we thought it's included already in our package but it's not. It's important to read also word for word the booking details.

But if you want to make your transfers at your own, Here are the following things you might need to know.

1. Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Port – After getting out of the small airport, there will be a line up of Motor Tricycles. The ride costs 50 PhP per trike for the five-minute trip to the port.

2. Caticlan Port to Boracay Port – The Jetty Port has Bangka pump boats that ferry between the Caticlan mainland and Boracay Island from 5:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening. There are sometimes ferries after dark, but not reliably so. The Bangka trip is 25 PhP, however non-residents also pay a 50 PhP environmental fee, and a 50 PhP Terminal fee. You need to get these tickets outside the Jetty Port before you enter. The trip from mainland to the island is 20 minutes. If you have heavy luggage, there are porters to assist you at 20 PhP per item tip.

3. Boracay Port to White Beach – Depending on the season, you will arrive at one of two Boracay Ports – Cagban Port in the High Season and Tambisaan Port in the Low Season. The distance from either to White Beach is about ten minutes. There will be a long line of Motortrikes to take you from the port to White Beach. This trip is 100 PhP per motortrike, or 125 PhP if you look like a foreigner.

Here are the helpful links to get you know more about Paypal.

What is Paypal?

see link.
How does Paypal work?
see link.

How to top-up or load your Paypal account using your debit/credit card? Here is the typical bank transaction setting.
Boracay Island Hotel Reservations

Welcome leaf note
Waling-Waling Beach Front Hotel

View from the balcony

Pool View of the hotel

Queen Size beds

View from the inside and the speedy Wi-Fi

not bad wide size of LED TV flashing AI Season 10 bet- Casey Abrams

shore line view from the hotel

Lunch by the beach just outside our hotel

Inland Stores

Buffet at one of the hotel restaurants


Yacht somewhere few meters away from the shore line

lucky to witness the sun setting the horizons

I believe this is not a rare and unusual event here in Boracay. Continue the scene!

Waling-Waling Hotel from a far

Party People

When overwhelmed by the crowd inside, some do it outside by the shore

Dancing to the beat with the ray of lights. blame it to the alcohol!

Compli breakfast of the hotel

Receiving Area of Waling-Waling hotel

The Town outside Boracay array of resorts

Before calling the day off we chilled for awhile with bottle of beers 

with this serenade of breezy acoustics

Marked the date!

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