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 1. Strong Currency

Hey! One good reason one is having a job out of their native border is not working in comfort but for the bulk of money one can earn and the monster it will become once converted in our monetary rate; I believe. As an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), it’s one of the most important considerations in taking the country of your choice for a job. When I came here last March 27, 2010 the exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to Philippine Peso then is playing around 32 to 33 point and something. Now it continues to grow from 33 to varying decimals past the base of 34. At one time it reached 35 early this year, seems to be a good good sign of progress.

When I was working in Dubai for almost 2 years since 2008 I have noticed that if US dollars dropped, dirham will sync in. I expect it will likely to happen here but I was amazed to how it notched the ladder of exchange rates up the pedestals despite US dollar-Philippine Peso exchange downfall. Click here for money conversion.
50SGD bills are the most circulated highest bill in the public. I think it's a
strategic prevention of the government for money laundering.

2. Accessibility

Can you believe that? Some 8-10-year old and mostly woman were driving the fast cars. Awesome! Those are my clouded thoughts when I was bluffed by my not-so-vigilant eyes while crossing the street. It was all because they have right-hand vehicles here and I assumed that it will all be like how it goes in the Philippines -left hand drive vehicles. That is why I get to see more females and children on the left side. Here, going to your workplace was never been a problem. If you have that problem, then the problem is your face I mean something is wrong with you. Hehe. The only possible problem is reaching your workplace in time in such cases you reside far from your work vicinity. Almost all of the train stations here are neighboured with fine malls and food chains or hawkers. Adjacent to MRT Stations are the Bus and LRT Stations most especially if the Station is an interchange.
 MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). The MRT service is fast, modern and air-conditioned.
It operates at regular intervals of three to eight minutes from as early as 5.30 am
to 12.30 am daily. Traveling on the MRT is relatively cheap with fares ranging from
 $0.70 to $2.20 on each line. The MRT now consists of four lines traveling north-south, east-west, northeast and a line running from Jurong to Chua Chu Kang.
LRT (Light Rapid Transit). LRT is used mainly by residents within
a public residential estate.
Public Bus Services. SBS Transit buses also have its double decker units
which caters city proper trips and routes to sub-urban areas.
Trans Cab Taxis. This is the actual picture of the first taxi we've taken
on my first stopover here in November 2009 from the Airport. Flag down
rate from the Airport will cost you 10SGD, quite costly.
EZ link cards. Comes with various colors and usually customized by
youngsterswith design stickers. The card is commonly used in Singapore as
a smartcard for paying transportation fees in the city state's MRT, LRT
and public bus services. The system has since been expanded, with
EZ-Link cards being used for payments in Singapore
branches of Mcdonald's. 

Puzzled what route you're bound to?  Just know which location
you are presently standing then look for the end point of route
line wherein the place you are going to is in the middle 
or in between your origin and the latter.

3. Food

Obviously, I'm Asian, Filipino in particular so there's no doubt it runs from the blood that I love noodles (ramen my pick!), seafoods, sushis, chicken and pork rice, milk tea, green tea, herbal tea and the likes. Those were edibles to name a few aside from that, many restaurants offers western delicacies and specialties much as to Indian and Muslim cuisines. And yes, I've seen a whole roasted pig here. Its definitely a place quite a world could offer.
                                                 buffet at Carousel

              At Carousel, One of Seafoods Corner. Fresh picks to serve you in a minute.

                                                         At Thai Central.

                                                      Japanese Food.

Forgot the exact name but its a loaf of bread filled with Ice cream bar. It has
various flavors like sweet corn, chocolate, strawberry, durian and
many others ready for your choice.

4. Livable Dwellings and Community Ammenities
We do not dwell on the same standards. So better see it below for your say. Pictures below shows the usual abode and neighborhood of a Commoner.


5. Air-conditioned Churches

A significant way to maintain your balance is keeping tight with your faith by attending at least one of the 3 mass schedules the advocates of the Lord offers every Sunday. We know going to these places releases our stress and burdens from work's pressures. Keeping our calm and serene selves during this day helps us live the week ahead with full energy pack. To God be the glory. Amen!
 St. Mary's Church

Me and my Religious pose.

6. Vacation Opportunities
In a year, an employee is entitled with 14 days annual leave excluding the days that will fall on holidays and no working day/s (Saturday/Sunday). Meaning you can maximize your leave from 16 to 21 days if you plan to make it on Chinese New Year (3 holidays plus 2 or 4 no working days for 2- week basis). The said leave can be used in non-consecutive or a fraction of the full-leave day’s manner. Shall we say you want to make the 5 days in summer another 3 days trip in Phuket or in any excursion spots and 6 days on December. And even better if you mixed it up with unpaid leaves for 5 or 7 days just what I usually do to maximize my grand vacation.

More to that are the airfare promos most migrants here from neighbouring countries chase to book from the airline websites. In my case, I'm a Cebupac chaser because it has the lowest rates for airfare promos. One time, they dropped the price in a whopping 1 peso fare that will last for a couple of hours to avail. You just have to feed your credit cards with bucks at anytime if you want to contest the urgency of the promos. 

"And most important thing is that you're the one keeping your Passport here not the employer. So if you want to sneak around some secret escape to some beach or excursion trips to other countries. You surely can LAH!"
See website for interesting cheap rates.

7. Venues of Indulgence over the weekend
I love its urban planning and zoning here, very organized.  As an Engineer I can tell they have done pretty well on projecting the long term zoning plan in the city. Larger areas for open spaces, efficient routes for traffic, forest and nature reserves comprise the contemporary haven for the living.
Because of these features, I stand proud offering my friends from different corners of the world having their stopover and layover here my tour guide talent, fine dining skills and hospitable nature as well. (Self-proclaimed it is. Haha!)
Below are the links of tour agencies that cater good services, tour packages and promotions that will impress you with the city.


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