Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Singapore have been occuring as the stopover capital of Southeast Asia especially when you are a native of Philippines. It's also one of the most achievable venues for an immediate vacation if you are in Asia. It will only take you a 3-hour flight from the Philippines and relatively it has cheaper fare for an overseas trip on a regular rate basis. So, you don't actually have to break a bank to experience Singapore.

For almost 2 years here, I have had hosted a number of ex-colleagues, classmates, relatives, lover and friends to places that were defined as Singapore's hotspots. When I have one, I usually have one perfect place in mind- Sentosa! It's because, here, it's like your favorite mall that offer One-Stop Shop features for most of the things you need. Variation of scenery is the key element of the venue. It has 4 stations (Sentosa, Waterfront, Imbiah and Beach) to run your whole day. See website for complete details.

How to get there: 
The best way is in to take the North-East Line of the MRT to HarbourFront and then make your way to Level 3 of Vivocity, where you'll find the Sentosa Express monorail to the island. The train operates every 5-8 minutes from 7AM to 11:45PM daily, and a round-trip ticket costs $3 (island admission included, EZ-Link accepted). The cheapest way though, is to take an SMRT bus for $2.

By taxi or private car, you'll need to pay $2 to $7 per vehicle to enter, and a $3 taxi surcharge also applies on the way out. It is now possible to walk across the bridge via the Sentosa Broadwalk ($1, EZ-Link accepted). Rates are as of this writing.

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