Thursday, November 10, 2011


When choosing friends among the strangest crowds, I fondly like to be in a faction of crazy people who were huge advocates of laughter and fun but modesty should not be set aside. Those, who can still crack jokes in the midst of extreme situational crisis but still with firm modesty. Who doesn't want fun? Of course, there is I mean there are, but me, I want a daily full dose of it. Fortunately, I kept some videos of me with friends who were ecstatic at life and has long time issues with boredom. Ang boredom hindi binebaby, pinapatay! We love making scenes for documentary purposes for us to look back at these at times we are in the fast forward. This is exactly what I'm doing now and I don't feel awkward about it and all (trying to make a defensive point!). Mutant and Proud.

One Drop Challenge. Almost 5 years ago when I made this video. I had a new phone, I woke very early on a day-off and has nothing to do but just stare at the "lizardous" ceiling. So, I picked up my phone and made my very first video in it. So, this was the turn of events.

JTMJV Bitchboys during darkness. JTMJV in short for Japan-Turkey Metro Joint Venture, we were colleagues and became best of buddies. You can hardly believe these boys could run some serious work in the business of construction. Looks can really be deceiving, we definitely not in the right place in construction instead we should be appearing in your TV sets. kidding aside. Click Watch on Youtube if not playing here.

JTMJV Bitchboys at daylight.  This was during the heyday of Flo-Rida's "Low" song and we were teased by locals and other foreigns in Mamzar beach, Dubai while dancing on a public space that all of us share. Click Watch on Youtube if not playing here.

Bukas Magpapa-Otograp ang mga Tala (Tomorrow the Stars will seek for it's Autograph). He's name was April Boy. He's born on April and unluckily he is a boy. That's why he's April Boy. The Admin decided to transfer him night shift because he causes too much commotion when he's near to people. Much worse when he's near to us, it's an amplified war of the words.

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