Sunday, March 8, 2015


One of the highlights to my recent and short Chinese New Year holiday leave of 6 days was visiting Oslob for the Whaleshark encounter. Prior to the vacation, I was choosing closely between Bantayan and Oslob to which could have bring traveler's delight and something new in my table. And it was for the desire of seeing the big mammals that led me to choose Oslob. Two words - worth it!

HOW TO GET HERE. Ride a Bus from South Terminal of Cebu City, specifically, it is near Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall). Fare rates as of this writing is around P150-160. That's air-conditioned bus rates already. I like personally Ceres buses because it's spacious, cozy and clean. And for self-assurance you better tell the bus conductor that you will drop at Barangay Tan-awan for the Butanding (Whaleshark) Watching.

flock of watchers and boaters. 

boaters ready for service. 

Briefing before the whaleshark engagement. Remember 4m away from the giants! But that's not realistic on the actual dips it's just the ideal distance. 

That's not even 4m away. 

These waters are around 15-20m deep. Very unusual that its just around 30m from the shore line
and it is already this deep.

you can also rent an underwater camera for P500 which includes the service of the boater/guide to take your unlimited pictures and P50 for the CD copy of the pictures. 

Food was fairly good and fairly cheap. 

Seafari Resort. We stayed here prior the Whaleshark encounter. Traveling Oslob from Cebu will
take you 3.5 to 4 hrs. So, it is best you come at the location day before the Whaleshark
activities for convenience. 

Pack light if you are going to stay in this resort because there are a hundred 
plus steps to reach the resort proper, what more on your way back. 

Seafari Resort Walk Through Video

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