Sunday, March 8, 2015


When I was outlining my Cebu itinerary for the Chinese New Year holidays, I was researching online for new sights to gaze at and not for long of an hour's spent searching; my housemate gave me a sole recommendation of a place by showing me the clip of Jessica Soho's episode of the temple on her weekend TV show in GMA network. It was an instant awe to the attraction's appeal even though the site is still on progress for completion and together with my girlfriend, we set foot on the place during the holidays. (yes! like Armstrong and the moon)

Temple of Leah is Cebu's version of Taj Mahal, it is a tangible tribute of Teodorico Adarna's undying love for the departed and his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. Teodorico is the grandfather of the sexy actress Ellen Adarna.  The temple is inspired by the Roman Architecture where you can see a myriad of Roman statues, intricate sculptures and column aesthetics that made an empire-ish impression. Like Kings and Queens as conquerors of land, I perhaps conquered a heart to dwell my love. (cheese!) I made it to propose that very day to my sweetheart for a commitment of a lifetime and make her document it through a video posted below.

the temple is still under construction and is expected to be fully furnished this year (2015).

the statues are done well and perfectly fine.

this surely land my facebook profile.

overlooking the urban greens.

just for the show.

nice butt Lion King!

this is unusual, the statue is picking a fight from a far.

Your Majesty, Leah.

Intricate designs.

just so you know corner.

collection of books comprising the Library Museum.

I'm really sure he's picking a fight.

Picking a fight from below. So impressed with the sculpting, very life-like.

Narrow aisles that ventilates fresh air.

Main Entrance to the upper platform.

Popped the Question. I greatly thanked the blog for making this proposal thing possible to happen. I asked her to roll a video of me saying something about this new place and she has no clue at all not a hint of a dust. She knows about this blog and she is used to know I am fond of making random documentations for the blog. And there it goes, I got her!



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