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Siargao is known for the world for its surfing waves and thick hollow tubes best known as "Cloud 9" derived from the local chocolate bar in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we were not able to see the waves at it's strongest and the best time to lay eyes on it during the day. Moreover, you cannot afford to be sad about it because there's more of Siargao than the surfing waves alone. It's such a rough first day because of the tiring and long land travel but it's worth the butt sore. See also Siargao Day 2. 

HOW TO GET HERE: For foreigners, the best is to take a direct flight from Cebu to Siargao Island catered only by Cebu Pacific airlines. Domestically, you can travel Surigao City by land from Davao City (Ecoland Bus Terminal) for 6 hours and head to Surigao City Port & Ferry Terminal to Ride a Ferry Boat to Dapa Port in Siargao Island for 3 hours. If you bring your own vehicle you can leave your car for a fee of Php 150 in Tavern Hotel but if you want to bring your vehicle to Siargao Island it will cost you Php 3000 fee for transporting through the barge.

Ferry Boat Transit to Port of Dapa. The fare will cost you Php 250 and will take you 3 hours of travel time. This is always the least enjoying part of the escapade - the lengthy travel time and the uncomfortable mode of transit. I hope the local government could do something about providing the commuters a more spacious and well ventilated ferry boats and make the trip as frequent as hourly. (I wish!) The Philippines had so much world-class beaches and tourist spots to offer but the mode of transportation and the roads are not good enough to convey tourists. 

Eye popping to the beer lovers! That's less than a dollar!

Reef Beach Houses Units

Beachview from the hotel

Reef Beach Houses' Common living room and kitchen for 2 rooms

Dining and Kitchen Area

Reef Beach Houses' Bedroom

The platform fetching the tourists to and from the boats going to the 3 famous Islands- The Naked Island, Dako Island and Guyam Island. It cost us a total of Php 1500 collectively for this Island hopping experience. Guyam Island is my personal favorite!


I am compelled to put a caption on this to justify her bulging stomach. She's 4 months pregnant!

Night 1 moon view from the Reef Beach Houses

Reef Beach Houses Walk Around Video.

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