Sunday, May 17, 2015


Regeneration completed! That's how I felt after I woke up from a coma-like sleep I had the first night. After yesterday's feat to 8 long hours of travel (from Tagum City to Siargao) and the island hopping thereafter, we didn't manage to recuperate and wake up from a presumed nap that struggling night that leaves us to a no dinner wrap for day 1. To try, eat and dash in the island's restaurants are our supposed activity that evening and since we missed it, it's definitely the thing we look forward to conclude the second night.

What's up for our itinerary in Day 2 is to come upon the famous rock pool in Magpupungko in the morning being the typical low tide time of the day (as per observation, from 8am-3pm I think is the ideal time). After the rock pool, we went to the surfing site in Siargao- The Boardwalk. With regards to the relativity of the blog title to the pictures below, my apologies to you (let's say I have a lot of readers) that I didn't manage to capture some significant waves to inspire you from going for the camera won't allow the distant range of the subject to be captured and it's getting dark.  See also Siargao - Day 1.

HOW TO GET HERE: For foreigners, the best is to take a direct flight from Cebu to Siargao Island catered only by Cebu Pacific airlines. Domestically, you can travel Surigao City by land from Davao City (Ecoland Bus Terminal) for 6 hours and head to Surigao City Port & Ferry Terminal to Ride a Ferry Boat to Dapa Port in Siargao Island for 3 hours. If you bring your own vehicle you can leave your car for a fee of Php 150 in Tavern Hotel but if you want to bring your vehicle to Siargao Island it will cost you Php 3000 fee for transporting it in the barge.

Morning Delight. When I'm on beach trips this experience shouldn't be missed may it be sunrise or sunset, I don't know but it's very relaxing to watch and it lifts your energy to a certain point.

Reef Beach Houses Beachfront Patio.

We made to cook our breakfast fresh from the market.

Magpupungko Rock Pool is quite isolated from the Beach Resorts. Most of the Beach Resorts are just neighbors, from our hotel it took us 1 hour to reach the rock pool but that 1 long hour is totally worth of our trip. I can say this is the highlight of our whole Siargao getaway. Having your lunch or breakfast doesn't seem to be a problem here they have an eatery serving foods to cook by your choice.

Lunch with the favorite past time-Karaoke! Sing while Singko last. 

Head back to Reef Beach House again to rest for awhile and prepare for the Boardwalk visit.

We reached the Boardwalk around 4:30pm, not ideally the right time to see some hollow tubes and thick waves better known as "Cloud 9".

Visited Kawayan Resort's Restaurant for dinner it's just a walk away from the boardwalk entrance.

Meals are ranging from Php280 to Php400+ a dish.

Night 2 moon view from the Reef Beach Houses.

Moon of Desire.

around 4 feet deep pool of the resort.

Reef Beach Houses' Walk Around Video.

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