Thursday, June 23, 2011


When times like submission deadlines in work are way too far from the clock, procrastinating takes place in an instant and so here I am trying to have fun with the situation. I play then I blog. This time I’m introducing you to my old-school-is-cool prank masterpiece since I was doing this one way way back in primary school. It may be known for the ages but still and was scares my victims to the very point they’ll hit their highest note when they scream. The poor dupe's usual impression would be like that of holding a hysterical lizard going wild out of the unfold paper. Once you engage to this prank, be sure your prey is secured from breaking fragile objects most especially when they're eating and choose the ones you knew who could handle the shocks. More to that, it is necessary to play some amount of acting (which I am very used to) depending on the idea you conceived on what’s the letter has to do with them. Mine, is an invitation letter seeking their presence in the occasion. 
This is how I do it. First, you prepare the materials (1) a string of tire wire or big paper clip (2) rubber band (3) bottle corrugated caps like that of an 8oz coke or pepsi or a strip of plastic which is like that of the shampoo containers (4) paper (better with envelop for grand deceiving appeal) (5) cutter. Second, bend the tie wire or clip to a parabolic form and bend again both ends leaving a space to fit the rubber band. Third, flatten the bottle cap by a use of a hammer or simply by stone, then put two holes just like the button holes in it through knocking the sharps of the nail. Other alternative is cutting a small rectangle piece of a plastic strip. Fourth, cut the rubber band and put through the cap's or pastic's hole and join both ends by tying. Then, install it in both ends of the bent tire wire or clip. Fifth, fold the paper into 3 halves and fold again both end portions suiting the flipper to monumental stillness. Then, its showtime!
In my elementary years, I got caught with my Mathematics teacher passing around the letter prank to numbers of classmates near my perimeter. She emphatically mentioned my name in the midst of her lecture and immediately come to my desk and confiscated the latter. She kept and ignored it for the time being because the class is still running. But minutes later she cut short the lecture and gave us a seatwork exercise. In a while we hear her screaming that I was so scared to death because pretty sure she opened the letter. My knees shivered in fear that she might be calling my parents after exhausting too much on a sudden feeling of a bad surprise. Good thing I just ended up writing 1000 times in a pad of paper the phrase “I Promise I will not do it again.” In High School, it sets higher hype because I have more mischief partners spreading the freaky stuff coming out of the paper. It turns out that we find some tomboys and guys turned out screaming very gay. In College, I did not have time reviving the thoughts of it because I am busy playing noble. Thus, I cope up during the years of being a careerman. Below are videos of our victims all the way from Dubai soil. Most videos are taken during breaks at the workplace. More videos of our victims to follow soon.

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