Thursday, June 2, 2011


1 I’m totally a believer of God, believer of His existence and never at once I questioned that He is the creator of all except evil. But do you believe that God dictates each of mankind’s demise? If so, every death is according to God’s will regardless of how man died? What about the number of women who died of rape? a man who died of Murder? Assassination? Massacre? Is it His way of putting those kinds of an end in this world?

This is not by the way questioning God but questioning our religious notion to which assumptions are made. I believe there are answers from our great great philosophers out there and even ordinary people who analyzes life and its balance. What is your stand?

2 In the Philippines, after watching a boxing bout, critics could not help but noticed how the National Anthem was sung by the selected singer/s. Most of the time, singers are bashed with insults and degrading remarks due to their artistic rendition of the anthem which sounds soulful and powerful at most times,oftenly, it happens during Pacquiao fights. The thing that bothers me is that, what's the BIG DEAL? Why so over reacting? The singers were not in any way having the intention of disrespecting the patriotic anthem they were just singing their heart out in front of a jampacked crowd to hype the feeling of pride from our countrymen which the standard tune could not afford to give. We are not showcasing standards here we look forward most on bringing the spirit.

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