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Ruins of St. Paul. Usual flock of tourists a.ka. your photo bombers the whole day from 8am. 
I never expected that my supposed 1-day side trip to Macau from HK would turn to be a 10-day duration. Unfortunately, t'was bittersweet for me because the main purpose of the trip is to work my ass off to catch up some commencement delays of the expansion project our company had in there. Heck, I always favoured more the circumstance to the pleasure than the job in any way possible. (See HK blog)

Good thing, the Good Friday fell on a weekday that my good boss spared me to practice the Catholic's holiday despite the coping up of progress' backlogs. That's what you get when your bosses are Chinese they are very respectful in dealing with traditions (most if not all). Every single day after work and even in between breaks I always find time to go visit places and just do the random things. May it be walking around exposing yourself to their ways, taking pictures and even the corniest thing to do of romanticising the past and the future in your mind; the so called contemplating. (mostly I look thoughtfully of how to get rich...pls. if you have any idea, drop some.)

Ever since I started this blog I have always wanted to make use of my thing and things. Like the camera, I don't want my pictures to land only on Facebook and the socials alike freezing there and aged without having stories to tell and become helpful. Traveling, it became more interesting because when you blog you wanted it to make sense that you become more goal-oriented to make your trips an activity and itinerary loaded. Plus, you always challenge yourself to your protocols like doing your signature pose or buy an item you collect in every new places.

While roaming around Macau's heritage sites, James Morrison and John Legend's songs are my company 'coz I wanted it to be like chilling and relaxing. This one song got stucked the most on the replay. I like his Ordinary People too.

Bringing something new on the table... I made a video...haha.

Here's the Ruins of St. Paul in different angles.
Selfie Angle.

Wedding Couple Angle.

Romantic Angle.

Rear Angle.

and St. Paul's view to the front angle.

famous food on sticks and stuffed soups you can avail on the streets going to the Ruins of St. Paul.

Senado Square

View of Leal Senado Building (white) through Senado Square.

Made again a motion picture for Senado Square since it's quite a popular place.

Holy House of Mercy

St. Dominic's Church

St. Augustine's Church

St. Augustine's Square

St. Lawrence's Church

Inside St. Lawrence's Church

Church of Our Lady of Penha. The Church is an uphill climb and will surely 
take some of your breaths. But...

you'll have this overlooking view of this side of the City with the iconic Macau Tower on the way to Our Lady of Penha Church.


St. Anthony's Church

St. Joseph's Seminary and Church

The Venetian. One of the many Facades. I saw batch of wedding couples taking some nice 
night shots.

The Venetian

When inside the Venetian the feel is you wanna grab quickly your camera and blaze every 
corners with its flashes.

never miss the selfies that's good as saying "been here"

I find it hard to frame all the the scenic view in one picture with the lens I had. And this 
is the maximum it could get.

Grand Canal Shoppes. I can say it is a better version of Canal Shoppes than  Singapore's.

the Shoppes, it's like an Ice Cream shop of a vibrant.

Not a real sky. If I'm a painter, I would love to master this kind of category-3D Painting!

Food Shops. Asian and Western Fusion.

Around the Casino inside The Venetian. Cameras are not allowed the main vicinity of the casino. Watch  the signs or else, Ignorance of the law excuses no one...

Galaxy Macau Resort

The building is so huge that it didn't almost fit the camera's frame.

Galaxy Macau is composed of 2,200 hotel rooms (1,500 in Galaxy Hotel, 410 in Hotel Okura Macau and 238 in Banyan Tree Hotel)

Galaxy Macau includes retail facilities and food and beverage outlets. Its gaming facilities, divided into five areas, will have a capacity for over 600 gaming tables as well as 1,200 slot machines and other electronic gaming machines.

Inside Galaxy Macau

Sights outside the streets of Galaxy Macau.

I love the streets, very clean makes you wanna find time to walk at night.

Macau is the Las Vegas of the East and is considered as the gambling capital of the world. According to an episode of Anthony Bourdain's show, Macau's Casino revenue is 5 times that of Las Vegas' income. Minimum bet in Casino is 600MOP except for the machine generated games it is cheaper as the usual. Below are just some of the casinos I had stumble upon.
It is.

Part of Star World Casino.

The President Casino.

Casino Lisboa

Casino Lisboa with the Hotel view

Casino Lisboa and its festival of lights

MGM Grand Casino

so here's my number, just call me maybe?

View of Hardrock Hotel and City of Dreams from Taipa Houses Museum

If Google is our best friend in the internet, I think Mcdonalds is the one in food when we are in new places. Because I do not share the same tongue with locals, It is very hard for me to order food with the sign language. The locals mostly do not know how to speak English even the very basic. They speak dominantly in Cantonese.

Every morning is out of the comfort zone for me. For the love of Pork Bun and Milk Tea 
I have to battle on with the Sign Language and the pointing of pictures.

Pork Chop Bun and Milk Tea. (Picture courtesy of Google)

During Lunch time, I passed by several construction sites and I notice
they used bamboo scaffoldings in their temporary framings.

I wonder if it's really economical for the contractor where they cannot use it again after
construction unlike the steel ones?

In Macau, they acknowledge Hong Kong Dollars in all transactions.

Macau Pass. A contactless smartcard that can be used to pay for bus fares, shop, and dine with 
many more merchants to join the system. You can buy Macau Pass for only 130MOP
 (as of this writing) at Coca Cola, Circle K and 7 Eleven stores. 

At the Airport, I suggest you go directly to the Tourist Lounge to get your copies of Maps and Attraction and Food Spot brochures to guide you well in your stay.

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