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When I was young... I never needed anyone... (crap! too many songs in the world, I could barely pop a tune all over me in my head) To the top!

When I was young, I used to turn off my humanity towards dogs; turned my affection for them to abomination. Remember when we’re clumsy kids and we stumble with our face first to the sturdiness of the furnitures? We cried screaming at the top of our lungs (what's going on!) veeerrry angry aiming to get back at the furniture to contain our bitter blaming…That feeling! D’you feel me?

As to why I reach the point of loathing dogs then? (let's say you care.)

First story, my father’s. It was a gloomy morning as I dip and nibble a morsel of bread brushing round my cup of coffee, a little girl with her grandma got down of the trike alongside the highway heading home with a basket full of produce bought apparently from the wet market. Just a few walks away, a very loud howling ‘askal’ (local) dog coming from like nowhere attacked the little girl directing to her face. Quick response from the grandma to her granddaughter’s defense, the basket took charge of the beating but it did not stop the pooch from snatching her wrist all for the killer bite. As the assault progresses, it caught my father’s attention; with no second thoughts, he run into the scenario empty-handed of anything for resistance. (hero be like!) Not as successful as it was hoped to be, the dauntless dog continues to be aggressive managing to crunch both my father’s arms. Patience out and adrenaline is rushing, my father muddles through by grabbing both the dog’s legs and fleetingly followed it with a hard smash to the ground in succession. The dog was weakened and partly unconscious right after that instance and wails a forbearing sound. The hapless victims quickly underwent an anti-rabies shots and it was found out that the dog was deranged for a couple of days in a cage and reached the peak of its twisted fate that fine gloomy morning.

Second Story, my mother’s. It was my big brother’s Sophomore recognition day in High School; as soon as my brother’s name was called for the top honors, my unsuspecting mother wears pride on her face as she stood up going about the stage. Seated at the back, she opted to walk side the aisle. Then and there, the mad dog stationed at the sides harassed the well-dressed mother as she was bitten hardly at her thighs. Fallen into her knees with the bleeding wounds, she didn’t make it to the stage instead she made it to the clinic. I really wonder what triggered the dog for that sudden attack. We found out that the dog is coming from the nearby neighbourhood accessing the school in convenience through the seemingly wide gapped grill gates.

My Story. I had to say I had a fulfilling childhood. I had a strict mom but still I got to deviate myself from her disciplinary frame in exchange for some childish crimes (isn't that fulfilling? lol). One of that, is stealing fruits from our neighbour’s fruit bearing trees and one of my favourite target is the bangkok santol fruit-sweet and juicy! I guess my story is quite predictable; So, here it goes... Unknowingly, our neighbour saw me from the very start that I am sneaking around their santol tree until I get to climb on the trunks of it. Moments later, they assembled their half breed labradors under the tree which I assumed as an intentional stunt to punish me to stay at the top as long as I decided to submit myself to concede. Not an easy win for them that it took me 6 long hours for them to finally act to notice me as if they never knew from the beginning. (artista na yan!)

In the wake of these unfortunate turn of events, we instill in our minds the dangers it caused us through the years to the point that we accepted a tenant who specializes an old-fashion way of treating rabies called Tandok. It uses deer horns to vacuum the assumed dead blood cells from where the strategic points for suction in the body. Of course, those points has to bleed first by making tiny slits through blade. It lasted for almost a decade operating in junction to our home and the idea of having a pet dog in our dwelling is strictly a big no-no.

Then came born our youngest sibling to the living, he grew up to date to a more mature and progressive hometown; people are more caring, loving and securing to dogs. That's why demented (nabuang) dogs is more of a very rare event to happen in our place. He had classmates who are fond of mass producing imported breed of canines and occasionally invited him to walk them at the stretch of the parks. Until he fell in the desire of having one so badly and thrifts every penny he had from allowances and some made-up projects that acquires money. Then just one day, he afford to bring home the first dog - the maltese terrier. Those lenient eyes, makes your troubles away and we gave in... (tao lang). It did not stop there; he send me bunch of pug pictures for a tempting discounted price since I'm the richer guy (Signal #3) in the family as of now, who knows tomorrow. From then on, we learn to be more happier in dog's company. They are very sweet, territorial and loyal. And that's my dog story...

pardon me of the rated PG thing. Diego has once been kidnapped when he was still 3 months old by a passerby. That night was definitely a blaming game to the people in the house. It was only a day after when Diego has been retrieved from his kidnappers due maybe to the all-out efforts of my siblings. They posted pictures all over the vicinity with Php5000 reward indicated, advertised it on the local radio and blottered it in the City hall. Shortly after that, the kidnappers was alarmed maybe by the mocking actions and finally opted to return it with the scripted but shallow reasoning. They said they mistakenly thought it was their pug (who got strayed a couple of kilometres far?) and to be convincing enough they bring with them the dog but it was distinctively big compared to Diego's size. What became worst is that they still ask for the ransom money and to make it not so gullible in our part (though still), we just gave them Php2000 and split the remaining Php3000 to the neighbours who had helped in finding.

Denver & Diego during their usual routine in the park.

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