Friday, May 23, 2014


Every vacation or shall I say work leave I had spent back home (Philippines), I couldn't afford to miss trying new places and often times it happens to be that beach! I mean the BEACH! I don't know, maybe because it's always the time to eat grilled seafoods, barbecues; quench with alcohols and breathe an amount of fresh air out of the city. This time we spend it in the shores of Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province. I enjoyed this trip because were in big numbers. (See also General Santos City)

Gumasa Beach

One fine morning.

Beachfront view from Rosal Resort

may pinagdadaanan ang hut, nagsosolo...

In times like this, I always wanted to play the Classics...  too much of the current (sometimes)
makes you feel you had more than enough of the world today. Meet Me Halfway is my song 

of the day...

Beach front

Other undeveloped nor untouched parts of Gumasa

Canoes Port

Look oh!

Nasan na ang bayabas inday?!

Lakas maka-Kris TV.  Exactly the same spot where Kris seated when she featured Gumasa.

Sea Urchins? and its shells.


We stayed at Palmera Villa which cost Php7000 per day for this summer season. 
For a non-peak season, the price is ranging from Php 6000-6500. 
Check in & Check Out Times at 12 noon.

Front View

Villa Palmera

Room is good for 10 people but there are only 7 beds... to contest...humpyang!

Grilled foods for dinner. Grilled tuna jaws (mao kaya ni ang english sa panga?) are delicious.


Reception Look Up

Rules are meant to be unbroken.

Blue Marlin. A lot of roaming vendors will sell this to you for a very affordable 
price that's triple folds cheaper  than the markets. This is only 100 per
 kilo versus 250 to 300 per kilo in the markets.

Rosal Resort

The Johnny Bravo's... Life's a beach!

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