Saturday, May 24, 2014


General Santos the former Dadiangas in the southernmost part of SOCCSKSARGEN region in Mindanao is an elusive place of a visit for the whole existence of me since the family don't have any relatives there to our knowledge nor heard of the unraveling attractions when there's likely a number. I remember I have only been there twice but for a very brief stopover to South Cotabato. That is why, we have to do this trip nothing but now (pack up amigos!); here's to the random sights we've been. (See also Gumasa, Glan)

Rest House at Mt. Zion. I'm afraid to tell this place is not accessible to public because this is owned 
by a  private owner in the persons of Nazareth Family.

The very first day of my vacation, I arrived home with the TV on and in every commercial break there is; this Nivea ad soundtrack quickly caught my ears which compels me to download the complete song right away. Now every flash of it on the screen in between breaks, I can easily sing along. Definitely, one of my favorites on the playlist this trip. 

Langhap Sarap!

I love more the feel of the sunrise than the sunset. Nakaka-kalma! Ang sunset naman nakaka-

I like the whole idea of this house. A combination of concrete platform and elements of wood. 
The power system is impressive, they use an alternate power sources like solar panels.

Most of the owner's friends with foreign visitors, they bring them here and ask the family's 
long-time masseur to come over for a massage session. 

how can you not enjoy every sip of your morning coffee?

Perfect spot for a relaxing massage. We had our share the night before this day... heavenly good!

Nag-aartista ako #1

Nakakaganda ng gising.

Coffee or Tea?

still got it!

Nag-aartista ako #2


Function Area

kelangan talaga maraming open space sa isang residential area, nakaka-relax...

Nag-aartista ako #3

Sagot sa rotating brown-out na nauuso ngayon sa "Republic of Mindanao"

Huling Hirit!

Overlooking Gensan at Mt. Zion 



The right kind of timing and misfortune, the gym is celebrating it's anniversary on the very day but haven't heard the physical presence of Manny plus the power breakout happens.


Daniella's Diner at Tiongson arcade

Deep Frieds are the best! Tried Hito and Tilapia...

Hukad at Veranza

A toilet in a bus. Nice to know there's this amenity inside an air-conditioned bus but the exhaustion issues made this facility a problem. I believe I had a rigid stomach for a 3-hour ride only but in the middle of the journey I felt dizzy and wanted to throw up. This non-stop or express ride with a free Wi-Fi cost you Php350 fare from Davao to General Santos City. A 1-stop bus to Digos will cost you Php250 only, I wished I had opt to get this ride instead of the former. (Fares as of this writing)

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