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Happy! I get to extend my HK trip a day longer because the supposed side trip to Macau will no longer eat up the much needed time I would take in conquering the spots listed in my itinerary since the urgent call for temporary duty there rise up to the occasion. (see Macau blog)

just trying to be artsy... after I took a shot of this, a number of people smiled next to me and took the same shot... I think it's the bluetooth for "nice idea, move over and let me try it."

I took the PAL (Philippine Airlines) flight from Singapore this time and I liked it better though its expensive a bit from the budget carriers. The leg room, the inflight meal & the 20k baggage inclusives plus the good service are worth the price. The flight is almost perfect I got all the series to watch and playlist to compensate the air time until a kid (something like 4 or 5) is crying aloud almost half the flight because she has issues with her baby sibling carried by her mother on the other side of the seat leaving her with her father on one side. I hate it when parents were not ruling over this, I'm not yet a parent but that will be my pointer in the future. I will make sure the children fear consequences for their actions for them to behave. That in one stare, they know what I mean. They should prepare their children at home and work on it....harder!

arrived at HK at 4pm and I feel so restless for the couple of days after getting back from Macau and winning a hard fought place to company's department bowling tournament a day before, so, I decided to take a long nap for 3 hours. Gladly, I stayed at Tsim Sha Tsui where I am just on a near distance to a couple of attractions like Avenue of the Stars, Clock Tower and Promenade where I can enjoy the scene above.

you can have this glare of lights for an exposure of 5 min. to an ISO of 100. Lower ISO means lower noise. And of course, I used the real deal; the remote and the tripod.

and the Oscars goes to.... drum roll please...

View of Kowloon Shangrila from Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade 

Iconic Statue of Hong kong's Hollywood Icon and Superstar-Bruce Lee 
in Avenue of the Stars at the Promenade

Clock Tower

Uncle doing his thing for free entertainment. I really long to have a boom box it 
stunned me every time I look at it. I'll leave that to things to hope for.

One of the many street performers at the Promenade. Singing a lot of Bruno Mars and he's killing it.

Street Side Drama.

Heritage 1881 Building

Lit Up Heritage 1881 Building 

Walking along Nathan Road 

First Stop the next day-Nan Lian Garden. One of the stunning Pagodas at Nan Lian Garden. I am not much of a Zoo and Disneyland or Universal Park person when I visit places but it doesn't mean I don't like those it's just that it will be at my least of priority when completing the itinerary. I am more after of the historically iconic landmarks and attractions that are less traveled. 

Nan Lian Garden Artificial Water Falls

Nan Lian Garden Ponds

Nan Lian Garden's man-made paradise

Nan Lian Garden Gate

Chi Lin Nunnery 

Chi Lin Nunnery's elevated Garden Deck

Chi Lin Nunnery's worship temples 

Chi Lin Nunnery's aisle

Queue outside The Peak Lower Terminus for The Peak and Sky Terrace tickets. It will take you an hour to take your turn to ride the tram.

Peak Tram Ride Video 
Outside Madame Tussauds Museum

The Peak View to the City

amazing pile of buildings. 

Sky Terrace 428 View Video
Observation Deck at Sky Terrace

Mountain View.

The Peak Galleria

Eat a decent lunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant at The Peak

The Peak Level.

Dam it's beautiful!

View of the Sky Terrace 428 Deck

Mid-Level Escalators 

Mid-Level Escalators & Travellators Video 
Hong Kong Central

Line-up of bars beside the stretch of Mid-Level Escalators

Overwhelming Crowd at Causeway Bay Pedestrian

Double Deck Bus

Night Scene at Causeway Bay Area

Causeway Bay Area

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter Area

Last Stop.

Finally get to do it my own version of this shot. Set an exposure of 1 min 30 sec and ISO of 100. 

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